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    I had a very interesting day today. I attended the Fourth Annual National Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation Symposium About Children and Young Adults with Mental Health and Learning Disabilities. It was put together by Pacer Center. If anyone else was there today PM me I'd like to pick your brain on the breakout sessions you attended.
    I had the pleasure of being on a breakout with Rick Lavoie. He's the man who did the Fat City video. He was very informative and entertaining. His presentation was directed more towards educators, but with some thought could pretty easily be transferred to home use. He was also the keynote speaker and you can tell he really feels what he speaks. He brought tears to my eyes a couple of times.
    I also attended the breakout with Dr S Jenkins on anxiety. You can tell she's a bit ADHD, but then again she said so.
    I heard Russell Barkley speak, but did not agree with his assesments. I actually had to walk out or speak out, so I chose the former.
    The presentation given by 4 students absolutely floored me. I wish I lived closer to the center as I'd try to get my kid hooked up with any of them. I think they could really teach him about himself. I need to do some research and come up with a plan for a presentation to work on with him. I think with enough research I can maybe help him learn it.

    difficult child funny. Last night I was on the computer in my room, watching tv, doing a load of laundry and talking on the phone when difficult child does his usual and asks me Mom can you multi-task. I said well let's see right now I'm doing research on the computer, watching Big Brother, washing clothes, talking on the phone and listening to you. what do you think? he says just checking. I can't. I about split a gut laughing.
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    Sounds like a very interesting day. Glad you were able to attend. Sounds like your difficult child has a good sense of humor~
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    It was very interesting. I wish they had left more time for questions/answers. I did get in contact with/know who I need to call for transitioning issues with the school district. I've never used Pacer before, but really think I'm in for a fight this year. Everyone keeps saying but he's not 16. I say I don't care. You're going to have him to 21 if I don't see some improvement in real world skills. I know he won't work in the school. He feels stigmatized, thinks everyone is talking about him. I know it's going to be hard to fit him into a program, as he doesn't appear disabled so people think he can do everything and he has a hard time being around people with visible disabilities. It's fun, NOT.