Interesting Difference in Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Jun 20, 2010.

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    At the old Residential Treatment Center (RTC), Kanga called us nearly every day, sometimes twice on weekends and school holidays. At the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC), she goes days without calling. That is much more what we expected from her. I asked the old Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to not force her to call but I think they 'encouraged' her to do so more than I realized and they had more down time when she got bored. She finally called after 3 days of nothing to ask for more of her things to be sent to her. She hadn't spoken with husband in almost two weeks - he answered the phone, she didn't ask how he was, no 'happy fathers day', just I want you to bring me this, this and this.

    It will be interesting if the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) allows Kanga to become comfortable being more her true self and less of her image of what she think they want her to be. They may be able to make more progress on her adult living skills if they can see what they really have to work with psychologically.
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    That is interesting. What other changes do you see happening? I hope this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) lets her show them her true colors because otherwise there is NO way they will reach her. The time until her 18th birthday is so very short, I really hope that somehow they can truly help her change. Her chances for a truly happy life depend on that chance, regardless of how small it is.

    I hope that your husband was not too upset by her behavior. Happy Fathers Day to him!
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    husband seems hopeful that this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) won't push for artificial family 'togetherness'. At first we had hope that family therapy and visits would help, but after two years of little to no progress, we just want to get through the next two years without having to expose the others to her craziness. Our hope is that this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) can get her to the point that she will be willing to use the adult services that they will set up for her. I want a safe life for her, it shouldn't be too much to ask.

    husband is having fun with Piglet at the fundraiser (the boys and I stayed home due to their behavior yesterday :( ). Piglet is competing in it and she just gave a great performance that helped put her team in the championship. So he is happy, enjoying his younger daughter.
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    That is awesome!!! I am hoping to be able to visit my dad with-o any drama in a little while. I am waiting until 2 to call him because he HATES mornings. Early afternoon isn't a time he is fond of either, lol. I am making a favorite coconut dessert to drop off - it is just for him and mom because they are the only ones that like it.

    I hope that everyone has a good day at your house!