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    There is an alley that runs behind my house. Typical for an alley and very narrow. A little bitty street T's into it from the opposite direction of my house. For some reason, a semi driver turned onto that street (even if lost, it's very obvious that it's not a semi friendly street) and then tried to make a right at the alley. She had to stop to avoid running her trailer into a big boulder at the little corner there. Even if she had missed that, she would have nailed a telephone pole. She backed up and got turned a bit and then tried to make a left. I'm watching this because 1) it's the first interesting thing to happen in the neighborhood in ages and 2) if she makes that left, chances are she's going to wipe out part of my fence. To do the turn, she had to go onto the grassy area beside the pavement. That area is always wet and after rains (which we have had) is almost swamplike. She got stuck and stuck good. The cops are there and wind up calling in a special tow truck. Once he got her out of the mud, he had to assist her to get the truck turned to the right again to avoid the pole and then had to drive around the block and come in from the other direction to hook up to the trailer and drag it out enough to avoid the boulder. She FINALLY gets straightened out and goes to the end of the alley which T's at a main street. Guess what? There's another boulder at that corner. She couldn't get past THAT one either so the tow guy had to drag the trailer again. I kind of felt bad for the woman because there were a few of us out in our yards, talking over fences and watching the whole process. But like I said, the street she originally turned on is very obviously NOT semi friendly and she was only a block down from a main street. (oh and some pictures too) When she finally left the area, we all wandered over to check out the ruts. The neighbor's 4 year old stood in one and was knee deep in it. Plus the street where the trailer was drug over is actually buckled and hilled up like if you drug something through dirt. It's just a mess back there. I have some pictures on my phone and will send them to my email but I'll have to charge the phone first. I don't think it has enough juice to send one at the moment.
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    The company this trailer works for should be responsible for any damage done. Fixing the torn up ground will not be cheap. Did anyone get a license number, name of the trucking company, and/or a phone number that is usually on the truck? (Maybe on your pictures?) Whoever owns that property may want to look into that.

    We had a city snowplow stuck near the street - the city had to fill the holes.
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    One neighbor did get some ruts in her yard but nothing was actually torn up and she's not too worried about it. The rest of the damage was all on city property and I'm sure the cops got the information.
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    As my family would say............

    That woman so obviously doesn't belong behind the wheel of a semi. I'm just shaking my head here. I'm from a family of truckers. (bio Dad and both brothers) None of them would've considered turning onto a street like that even as a beginner. Sort of a no brainer. duh And I've watched my family get their trucks in and out of some awfully tight squeezes over the years.

    However, she did provide the neighborhood with some enterainment and something to talk about for awhile. :rofl:
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    Well in the trucker's defense, there are some places that trucks need to go that are miserable trucker-unfriendly. Matt and I used to drive a semi over the road together, and we have gotten ourselves into some pretty tight spots. It was nice that we had eachother, because if we ever got in a jam, one of us could stand outside to either stop traffic or guide the other so we could back out if there was no way to turn.

    One time we were in PA and we were going to visit my brother in law. well we took a wrong turn and ended up in a small industrial park. At the end of the road was a small cul de sac, but Matt thought he could drive the truck around it so we did not have to back out. In the middle of the cul de sac was a grassy area with a wooden sign.

    When we left the area, the sign was TOAST. Matt ran right over it!
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    That's definately true BBK but in this case.....sheer stupidity. One of the neighbors was talking to her while waiting for the tow truck. She was supposed to be going to the ice cream plant.........on the other side of town. There was absolutely no reason for her to be where she was. I'll try to get the pictures up today.
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    husband and family own a trucking company. This would have made husband's blood pressure go through the roof. I hope this wasn't one of his drivers. He was out of work yesterday. Guess I'll hear about it tonight if it was one of his drivers. Ick!
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    I'm curious why YOU didn't walk up to the truck driver and say

    "So, seems you are stuck in a rutt, therapy could help."
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    I was calling the cops instead! LOL
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    OMG I would be so angry if that was my yard. AND SHE DID IT TWICE??????? :mad:
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    The section of grass that have the ruts is actually owned by the city. The neighbor who got ruts in her yard isn't too worried. They are just deep impressions but the grass didn't get torn up at all. They hadn't rolled their lawn yet this year so that should take car of some of it.
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    :hammer: Unbelievable!!! She must have forgotten to take her brains with her when she left her house for work. It's driver's like her who make the roads scary places for the rest of us!!! WFEN