Interesting Hidden Camera video - Autistic Child in Restaurant

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by susiestar, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I am taking a short break from packing/cleaning and found this clip on : What Would You Do - Autistic Child in Restaurant

    It is a show where a situation is set up and they video the reaction of the public. In this case, the lady from Autism Speaks is there to make sure the actors are authentic, including the boy playing the autistic child. I thought it was quite interesting because it is recent and it is a big change from some of the things we saw in restaurants not too long ago. this aired 4/13/2012 so it is not old.

    what do you think about how the parents reacted? do you think people in restaurants in your area would react the way the diners here did?

    I can't help but think of the little kdg girl who got the cops called on her that was just on the news. if the general public can react this way to a child who is not behaving typically, how come the school staff couldn't figure out how to handle a little girl who was upset? That just flabbergasts me - the general public can and does in many ways react with more compassion to a total stranger than the school staff did to a little girl they have known for months and spent many hours with.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Am I off my rocker to think that maybe the schools should stop calling the cops and criminalizing kids who have problems and spend a bit more time and compassion to understand and help them? is that asking too much of schools? Why are so many schools calling cops rather than using pbips and interventions to deal wth things - they are supposed to be the ones who know how to deal with kids!
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    Wow!! That was powerful. I wish ALL people would be so tolerant. In our area, most of the people here would be someone like the "actor". They are ignorant and because my kids look so normal, even my FAMILY acts like that jerk. It's no wonder our school staff here are so out of touch. I do have to give our's credit, they never once called the cops, even when difficult child 1 was tossing chairs and tipping tables.

    Thanks for sharing this Susie.