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    I'm writing another poem about my son, this time, about how well his lithium is working. I like to weave beautiful language with scientific terms, so I Googled "Lithium."

    I may have gotten myself in too deep ... how to bring in red glaze, oven safe cookware and cathodes to this poem, when my original focus was the calm use of language? I think two separate poems might work best.

    Anyway, it's a fascinating topic. :)
  2. Terry, I'm glad that lithium is working for your son.

    I'm no poet and not creative at all but, if I were, I may write my own ode to lithium being that there has been zero suicidal talk and only two violent (short lived by the way) episodes since we started lithium in early July. Wow that is about ten weeks! Funny, I just noticed that I typed since "we" started lithium...this difficult child business is definitely a group experience. Lithium has helped him so much....except for the attention stuff, difficult child is really struggling there. We just increased his lithium dose and will test his serum level next week, need to look at that before deciding how to address the attention problems. We may have to add a stimulant back into the mix or something else.

    Good luck with the poem!
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    Thank you!
    I say "we" a lot, too. Sometimes I sound like an old fashioned nurse. :)
    An Ode to Lithium. There's a title!