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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I talked with a lawyer today and confirmed the SD could not change placement without my input and by doing so, has effectively suspended him, which counts towards the 10 days out, as someone already mentioned.

    I also found out, that even tho they are claiming "safe schools mandate" in which to do this, there is a clause within the mandate that says that either the principal OR the superintendant is allowed to evaluate each incident and the circumstances surrounding it on a case by case basis, and allows for them to NOT TAKE ACTION AGAINST A STUDENT.

    "they have to" my butt.

    Wee difficult child was, in effect, suspended, for a behavior that I sat and watched, could have stopped but wasn't supposed to, based on the "plan" that we were there to take notes about what the paras could do to improve and help the situation. I think that's circumstances that warrant them not taking action.

    They are also going to rearrange his schedule in the morning so there is "more intensive academics" since he will only be in the classroom for THREE HOURS.

    I said no to that to.

    Now my question. What happens if I show up at school in the morning to be difficult child's para til we get this worked out? I want him to go to school so these half day suspensions are counting to that magic 10 day number, but I don't want them to blow the mornings that have been so good for him.
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    Totally agree with you on that one! It's akin to saying they're giving him a test and then punishing him for responding to the test. Here kid, have some rope so we can hang ya! :slap:

    Can't really advise on what to do about the morning...
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    Shari - going to school as his para is really going to depend on the SD. My gut says that they're not going to let you do it.

    During a battle with- SD years ago over oldest attending local HS as opposed to segregated program, we had some major nursing issues (he has a 1:1 nurse for his epilepsy). SD wasn't getting anyone to cover him so he couldn't go to school. I started showing up as his "nurse" - got shut down fast because of "liability" issues. He missed over a fulll quarter of school because of this nonsense (I did get compensatory education from them in the end). in my humble opinion, it was intimidation and retaliation to get me to agree to segregated program (it worked).

    Depends on what SD's agenda is - sorry to sound cynical but ... the SD pretty much can make you jump through whatever hoops they want until you get a good advocate/attorney onboard.