Interesting recent editorial in the NYT about "parents pushed to the limit"

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    Thanks for sharing this...

    but the article begs the larger question - IF parents want help...where in the world are they to find it? Ever-shrinking budgets are cutting services left and right - "Parents at their Limits" may become more and more common...
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    They sound a lot like us.
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    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. Makes us realize we are not alone. I have been guilty of loosing control and screaming at my difficult child during arguments. I'm also guilty of breaking down in tears in front of him at least twice. I wonder now if I can even expect to regain any kind of respect from him, or if these few incidents have completely ruined any chances of being a better parent.
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    FWIW I think nothing short of killing your kid rules out your being a better parent. Are some things so unforgivable that your child should probably be taken away? Certainly.

    But that does not mean that YOU cannot become a better parent - even if all it means is staying away from your child and giving their care to others.

    As for respect - while it's admirable to have the integrity that leads you to feel unhappy you responded this way a few times, I doubt your pre-teen will have any less respect for you than he probably already does. Unfortunately.

    Don't buy into the black and white way of seeing the world - we are all human and make mistakes. Especially when pushed to the edge by difficult child's.



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    Great article! I love her writing style.
    And I love the honesty.
    It is very weird, how we can do something as seemingly off-the-cuff and impulsive (albeit immature) as to slap a teenager in the face, and find that a week later, it is something ominous and premonitory.
    I am linking this and putting in on Facebook for other friends whose kids are autistic and/or Aspie, or bipolar.