Interesting study on what helps with recovery

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    Just sharing as I thought it was interesting...

    One study looked at recovering addicts who had been abstinent for an extended time (median 12 years). They described the most significant factors that helped them both to start and maintain their recovery.
    • 46 percent said the escalating consequences of substance use.
    • 30 percent mentioned support of peers/family/friends.
    • 26 percent joined 12-step fellowships (Alcoholics Anonymous/NarcAnon).
    • 22 percent had a substance-related accident, arrest, or other legal trouble.
    • 22 percent said treatment or professionals.
    • 16 percent surrendered, wanted to move forward, recover.
    • 10 percent experienced the birth of child, wanted to be responsible parent.
    • 10 percent cited spirituality, a higher power.
    Here's the link to the article:
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    Well I guess that doesn't bode well for my difficult child since she has never cared about consequences, no matter how severe.

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    Interesting study. I think that in my case, difficult child realized that she was running out of options and places to live which would be escalating consequences of substance abuse.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    My difficult child is also running out of options and places to live. Hopefully he is at rock bottom and will try at least to turn his life around.

    Far too many of these young adults don't see alcohol as a drug and think they can handle drinking.