Interesting therapist appointment, keeping my fingers

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crossed. This morning we met with difficult child's therapist without difficult child. difficult child has been going there for about 5-6 months. She was saying how she sees how difficult he can be even though he has lots of positives. It was a good meeting but the best thing was that she wants us to try and get him in with this program that our state offers. We tried a couple of years ago, at the urging of the in home therapists, but received a very quick no.

This program would provide a whole lot more services for difficult child that he really needs. Unfortunately, according to therapist they usually take their referrals from CPS which she said is frustrating to her because someone like our difficult child really needs the services. She said she is going to talk to director of her program and ask her to make an inquiry for us which would be very helpful. She also said that they had a case similar to ours that was denied but when appealed was accepted.

I'm trying not to get too hopeful but am keeping my fingers crossed.


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Does the adoption agency help with that at all? I am so nieve about adoption - that could be wayyyy off.

Fingers crossed that they can get difficult child in and you can get him to go!


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Thanks TM!

Wendy-In our case the adoption agency doesn't help at all although I've heard sometimes some agencies do. I'm not sure it's something he would have to go to. I know he would have a case manager kind of like wrap around, he would get a mentor, and more respite would be available. I'm not sure what all else is involved.


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Keeping all my body parts crossed that you are able to get services.

I'm not sure where you live, if it's Missouri/St. Louis I can tell you it wasn't that hard and my difficult child only had and ADHD/ODD diagnosis at the time. It was a lot easier than I thought - or was told by our difficult child's therapist who wasn't too optimistic. The interviewer said they usually didn't extend services to someone with that diagnosis but she could see how it was negatively impacting the whole family and that she could see we all really needed the help just by our interview.

We ended up with our choice of monthly respite or in-home help. We picked respite. We were also starting the process of getting other services when we up and moved to Arkansas. Now I'm slowly starting the process all over again.