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    I was already half awake and contemplating on whether or not I wanted to get up at 7 ish in the morning. Then I hear Maggie barking. Now this is unusual.......I keep a box fan running in my room to drown out the night noises so I can sleep. I don't usually hear a dog bark unless it's important. (there is a different volume/tone)

    So I get up and look out the open window. In the alley across the street I see Darrin wrestling with Ammo. Ammo may be only 4 months old but he's as big as Darrin who is 9 yrs old and they both likely weigh the same. In zero seconds I figured out what happened. Ammo somehow got off his lead during morning potty time. (easy child lives 1/2 block away down the alley) When Ammo goes for walks, it's always to Nana's house first to either play with Maggie and Rufus in the yard or pick up Maggie for the walk. He was on his way to Nana's house. lol

    I yell out the window because I notice Darrin swat him (not hard) on the bottom and tell him NOT to EVER do that. It will make Ammo NOT come to him when he gets loose......and to NOT want to come home as well. I told him to praise him instead for letting Darrin catch up and grab hold of his collar.

    Well, the poor kid is having a time of it. Ammo is determined to come see Maggie and Rufus.......and Darrin can't do much with just his collar to hold on to. So I told him to come to the door and I'd give him a leash. That was easy........that is where Ammo wanted to go! LOL (didn't seem to matter to him that Maggie was narking him out lol )

    Once I gave him a leash, Darrin had no issues getting him back down his alley and home again. Although easy child told me once he got home he got into trouble for going after Ammo without a word to her. I don't blame her for that. Not knowing where your kid is all of a sudden can be a scarey thing. But I reminded her that in Darrin's view he was being responsible.....and thinking of Ammo first, instead of himself......going after him and bringing him home before he had a chance to get lost. I let out the part of him swatting Ammo on the rear......he's already grounded and I already corrected that.

    If the worst thing Ammo ever does is run away to Nana's house........well, then, there is no reason to complain. lol But easy child and sister in law will be putting in their privacy fence soon which will eliminate the lead completely.

    I must be a pretty awesome Nana if even my grand dogs run away to my house. :rofl: :rofl:

    In Ammo's defense? It rained yesterday. Since easy child adopted him, he's spent nearly every day here at some point to either play or to stop and pick up Maggie for a 2 mile walk. He most likely missed her and when he discovered he was free took off to go see her. I worry about distractions along the way..........or that he might pick a direction he never walked due to a distraction. But usually if he gets off the lead he doesn't leave the yard or easy child spots it right away and brings him back inside.

    Maggie had her one incident of getting out of the yard. She's shown no desire to repeat it..........I think she was out just long enough to scare her. But she has a tag with my address / phone number ect on it. I'll have to remind easy child to get one for Ammo just in case. He has his license, but it's so much easier if there is a tag with contact info.......and you don't have to do the whole pound thing.
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    I can see that so well... :rofl:

    Well, we did know you were a darned good Nana. I mean, my mom thinks you're pretty cool, so you must be! :wink:
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    Awww, that's a tough call for a kid! I probably would have done the same:)

    My little dog lives my mom more than anyone. I do think they know a great grandma when they sniff one!
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    My brother is childless by choice. My mom calls his pup grand dog! Lol love it.