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    I did something for myself that I hope I will not regret and will make me happy for years to come. I bought a new mattress set...and I researched for a few weeks and I bought what for me is quite an expensive set. Tony is going to build our frame himself. I talked to quite a few mattress "people" and read online about the best types of mattresses for obese folks so I would know as much as possible going in.

    I looked around and Rooms to Go was having a very good President's Day sale this weekend and they had a mattress set that met my requirements PLUS when you bought the set, you got a free 40" LCD TV! I found the same mattress one other place for $200 less but I certainly couldnt by a 40" TV for that price so I went with Rooms to go. Plus they deliver. And the mattress has a 10 year non-prorated warranty with Rooms to Go. That is a good selling point.

    We had to go to Myrtle Beach to do this errand, so we took Keyana with us and she wanted to go see the ocean and it was a beautiful day for it. Almost 80 out and sunny. Papa and her walked along the sand looking for sea shells for quite a while. It was warm enough she actually had a tank top on! Then we ate some lunch, Calabash Seafood is the best if any of you can ever get some.

    Next we went to Tony's favorite store in the world, Bass Pro Shop. They have a huge one down there. Keyana was happy as long as she can carry a basket and shop. That child is already a shop-o-holic and needs a 12 step program. Tony couldnt find the lures he was looking for but he did find the seasonings he was hoping to find for some sausage we want to make with the grinder I got him for Xmas. Keyana found a Barbie fishing pole and a Barbie tackle box. Yes, she got it. We were most amazed to find out when we got home that the fishing pole lights up and sparkles when you go to cast it! Papa taught her how to cast it in about 15 minutes and she was throwing that thing about 20 feet in no time! I think we have a little fisherwoman in the makings!

    My last little bit of news is that last night my step mom called me. I figured it was just to see how things were going. Well not so much. She told me she had some good news for me. First thing out of my mouth was "Oh, did you find the slides from when I was little?" LOL. She kind of laughed and told me no, she hadnt gotten that far yet but she had been working on going through my dad's papers in his desk and she had come across a life insurance policy that no one had known about. This policy was taken out in 1957. I figure it must have been something that was done through his company at work. The original beneficiary on the policy was my mother and at that time, I hadnt even been born. Pat contacted the company and told them that my Dad had died and that the beneficiary was also dead. The insurance company asked her if there were any surviving children, which of course there is...ME! So now, I have to get the paperwork from Pat, get a copy of my mom's death certificate and send all that stuff in and then I get proceeds from that life insurance policy too. This is a policy no one knew about. He has just been paying a small premium on it every year since 1957! Imagine that. Its a wonder he never told anyone about it but I guess he knew I would just get it eventually anyway. Its not a lot but it will make a big difference in allowing me to redo my house and letting me keep that CD sitting without touching it at all. Now I feel like I got enough to do what I need to do now and have that nest egg to just sit and give me a small sum every year to buy xmas with. Or say I need to replace an appliance. I know I have one small amount every year coming in from interest besides what is normal.
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    glad you finally picked out a mattress! I know you mentioned it a few months ago.....a new mattress can make all the difference in the world!

    Funny about the Barbie fishing pole!

    I'm happy for you that you are going to get a little nest egg to put away. It's always good to have that money. Look into an internet bank if you are looking to just put the money in a cd. I have a savings and checking with one internet bank and a cd with another. Their rates are higher than your local bank and I like not having access to my money immediately - makes me think before spending!!!!!! You could open one cd with the cd money from your dad and choose a longer term for a higher interest rate. The insurance money you could split between interest savings and a short term cd. When I started with the online banking the interest rates on cds and savings were often twice what your local bank was offering. But, it's not that drastic anymore. I did get one point higher on a recent cd......

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    Congrats on the new mattress! A good purchase indeed! I hope you sleep like a baby!

    Also, congrats on the unknown insurance policy! What a relief.

    Glad you enjoyed the beach with Keyana!
  4. DaisyFace

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    Wow, Janet!

    This is wonderful news! Happy President's day!!!
  5. DDD

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    Sounds like this is your week, Janet. I'm happy for you. DDD
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    It sounds like you had a wonderful, productive weekend!

    And, you know, I'll bet when Keyana is all grown up with children of her own, she will still remember walking along the beach with her grandpa looking for sea shells!
  7. Hound dog

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    I'm so happy you went out and did something for YOU for a change. You deserve it. And a new mattress may help with the sleeping issues.

    I had to LOL at Keyana. Aubrey likes to fish because Mommy likes to fish.......and of course Nana likes to fish. Although I'm not sure she's ready for a reel yet, she's just getting the hang of a cane

    Kuddos to stepmom for finding and seeing to it that you're informed and can get the benefits from this policy. And it's fantastic you will have a nest egg tucked away for emergencies ect. Wish I had the same.....maybe in the future I will.
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    Rooms to Go is great - we had a mattress start to really sag in the middle and when we called they had some one come out and they replaced it. LOVE them!!
  9. HaoZi

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    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
  10. DammitJanet

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    Well that makes me feel really good about my decision to purchase from them Patriotsgirl!
  11. nvts

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    Oooo, I'm jealous about the mattress, mine has body sag in 2 spots from me and AH. He moves out and gets a brand new queen size and I'm stuck with this thing.

    Gotta love it...

    Congrats on the insurance as well. Dad kept that one close to the vest! :) Now you've got to start looking for those pennies from heaven!

  12. tawnya

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    Good for you, Janet.

    You won't believe how much better you sleep with a new mattress. Now, when you aren't around, we will know you are still in bed! I hope you enjoy your TV, too. What a nice little bonus!

    I hope she catches a huge fish on her new pole. If she is like my easy child, the tackle box will have beads and barbie shoes in it before you know it. But, my easy child still likes to fish! Now, taking it off the hook is a different story.

    That is great about the insurance. When my mom passed away about a year and a half ago, my dad didn't even know how much money he had. I'm so glad you have a little to fall back on. You can take a breath now.