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    So, Special Education dept here is getting ready to set a date for upcoming cse meeting to addresss classifying difficult child.

    I got a call today from a woman of which "used" to work at difficult child's school and doesn't anymore, because she's on the committee board. This particular woman did not like me, she did not want to give any provisions to difficult child last year when she handled her, was cold and direct. She is also friends with-boyfriend's ex wife and partner.

    Now, none of that should matter, yet in this small town it will. So, needless to say this is going to be harder than I originally thought I strongly am sensing.

    The neuropsychologist evaluation from last year isn't going to help much. There are two sentences in there that will put the blame back on me and make it harder for me to get services for difficult child. Those sentences pertain to our life at home and difficult child stated she has witnessed verbal conflict at home. Great! Not to mention the person with whom administered the test whole heartedly admitted a few days prior that she was not a licensed neuropsychologist and that due to her lack of credentials she would give the findings to her group for review. I agreed soley based off that fact.

    So, this is going to be fun. I basically have to build a case not only on what I believe difficult child to have and her current doctor's yet also that it is infact affecting her school work, which may mean me demanding records from her school that they won't give me or even admit exist, that being the recently failed ela testing (standardized testing here in new york).

    We shall see, maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised and it'll be good. Prepare for worst, hope for best ????

    just had to share that. When I got the call today all i thought was oh no!
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    When is the meeting? Can you get any kind of statement from psychiatrist or therapist about difficult child having Grandiose or Delusional ideations? THis could be your way out of the statements of hers on the evaluation.
    That she makes comments like this all of the time when she is upset or unstable. This is why it is SO important to have supports in place at School. School is one place where she should feel stable.
    You can blow sunshine up their keisters, "We need to come together and work as a team, we need to help her get through this"
    "I am looking for suggestions from your team and maybe we can come to a solution together"
    Start off with sugar, and then fight.
    I know you have gone rounds with them. But start this battle nicely, then put on the Warrior Gear.
    Everyone wants to feel needed, like you need them, like you WANT their help. Like you don't know every thing... Ha Ha.

    I don't know just throwing out some ideas. I am sure you are thinking all of these. But sometimes when I am SO SICK of these things it helps to be reminded. :)
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    How is it possible to have a difficult child and not have "verbal conflict at home"?
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    You have the right to review all of your child's school records.

    If something doesn't exist, they cannot use it in determining (or refusing) services. More importantly, if you are not allowed to see it, it does not exist.

    I would think the state board of ed would be highly interested in the fact that mandatory standardized testing scores don't exist for your child.

    I wouldn't sweat references made to homelife, unless it's something along the lines of "parent shreds child's homework so child is unable to do it". ;) The issue here is difficult child's ability to receive a free and appropriate education. Period. You might also check to see if your state board of ed has any credentialing requirements for people who perform evaluations. If she wasn't licensed, why on earth was she performing the test in the first place?

    You might also want to post over in sped 101.

    Good luck!
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    you guys always make me laugh and always make sense. :)

    toto you are so right, that's exactly what I need to do. No date as of yet, still waiting on confirmation.

    Mom of 3 - ok that made me laugh

    Slsh thanks and yes they would find it interesting that difficult child has no record of failing standardized testing.