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    The advocates wanted me to revisit the folks that did the assistive tech evaluation with the full reports from the dyslexia testing and the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) testing because of my concerns that they did not address any AT that may be used in any setting other than self-contained. We did that today.

    The lady that did the evaluation was shocked to learn they are trying to put Wee back in small group and mainstream instruction. She said there is no way. She also told me they weren't informed of his dyslexia diagnosis, or the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), which they also picked up in their evaluation.

    Then she asked if I'd read their report.

    I was told on June 1 by the school district that it wasn't finished. This lady gave me a copy of it today. The copy I was handed today was typed on May 14 and mailed to the school. According to the report, the school reported to them that his diagnosis was ADHD and seizure disorder, but he's been having trouble reading and writing.

    The Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) testing report was sent to the school in October. The dyslexia testing was done in September, with a draft report given to them in October, and the final copy in January....WELL before the AT evaluation.

    WTH is going on?
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    Someone's not being honest with you . . .

    Sounds like it's time to fight fire with fire.
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    Something doesn't sound right. Can you get everyone in the same room at the same time, and ask them WTH?
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    in my opinion, what is going on is what has been going on for a couple years. The school wants to keep the blinders in place so they can see only the behavior issues and not what lies beneath them or in addition to them. Why? Because it will cost them less money and less hassle.

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    The school is working very very hard to make sure they do as close to absolutely nothing for Wee as is humanly possible while trying to make it look like they are doing all they can with what little information and cooperation they claim that you give them. I am VERY sure that they are telling other parts of the process (like the district personnel and this AT department) that YOU are withholding info and fighting them because you don't want help for your son. There truly ARE people like that out there and schools spend a LOT less money treating their kids because every problem is either considered strictly behavioral or is the parents' fault because all they can do is move the child out of the class.

    They have been working hard at this since you first discussed moving Wee to their school. It is just hard to know if they will do what they say or if they will do this koi until you are in the middle of the problems.

    Can you get a letter from the lady you spoke with at the AT place saying that she was given incomplete info on X date by this person or by this school. Have them include their recommendation that mainstreaming in any way will not work (esp if the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and/or dyslexia is a reason for it). Have them state the date that their report was ready and if it was mailed, faxed, or even hand delivered to a certain person. As much as they can remember of all of that. Get names of the people they spoke with or if there was a form submitted to start the process get a copy of it.

    They are trying to railroad you and your son so that they don't have to do a dang thing. in my opinion it is time for this info to be taken to an attorney. You have evidence that they are NOT acting in any kind of good faith. In fact, they are acting with extreme bad faith not only with you but also with other parts of their own system. It is a HUGE sign the principal is NOT following the rules nor is he in any way acting for the good of any student.

    Do not ever believe what the school says unless you see evidence and get it in writing. Not with this garbage going on.

    I am sorry.