Internal vs external motivation


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I have been thinking about this lately. So far this time in rehab has been so different. My sons attitude is what is different. I really think it is because the motivation is coming from inside him....when he hit this bottom it was totally his.

I thought being homeless and on the streets was bottom enough and it was enough to get him to rehab but not to want to stop using for himself. I thought jail was bottom enough but again it was enough to get him into rehab but not enough to get him to stop using.

This time it seems he got to a place where he was so miserable without anyone telling him he had to stop that he wanted it himself.

So I think the difference is where that motivation comes from, outside forces or internal ones.


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I think you are right TL. And I think that internal motivation is what keeps people sober. Your son and my daughter rebel at authority and people telling them what they should do. But if it's their own choosing, that's a different story.


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Agreed a million percent!!!! That was the difference with my daughter, too. SHE wanted sobriety. SHE didn't want to live this way anymore...
And she has now been in rehab 9 months!! I can't believe she graduates in 2 more! :)