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    easy child/difficult child has given up drinking (YEAH!) and is still having major problems with gout. His SO seems to be important to him but he needs his Mama to help guide his diet. He does know and understand that he needs to avoid seafood and bacon, limit his beef/pork/chicken. What his question du jour is "What can I drink other than water because it says fructose is a trigger for my gout?"

    He is drinking MIO to save money. It comes in alot of flavors and mixes with regular water. I "tried" to find out what the fructose content might be but...I failed. Could you smart young things find out the answer? He honestly is trying to be good but he's gone to the ER three times in two weeks and is taking three medications (yep, we allow him to use our account at the Pharmacy) to cut back on the pain. Help
    family. Thanks. DDD
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    Hi DDD,
    I don't think Mio has fructose. Went on Kraft's website, under FAQs on Mio:

    • What is MiO?
      MiO is a revolutionary liquid water enhancer. Available in six flavors, MiO
      lets discerning consumers make up to 24 8 fl oz. drinks exactly as they like. By
      adding as little (or as much!) MiO as desired, one can enjoy a customized
      beverage each and every time. MiO isn't just a new drink; it's a new way to
      think about drinking altogether. MiO debuted in March 2011 and is now available
      in the drink mix aisle of grocers nationwide.
    • How do I use MiO?
      Flip it. Open the spill-proof lid. Tip it. Each squeeze into water adds more
      flavor. Sip it. Revel in the joy of
      customized drinking.
    • I wish you would come out with [INSERT FLAVOR
      When it comes to cool flavor ideas, our cup runneth over. We are constantly
      exploring new options and plan to expand upon our initial flavor lineup in the
      near future.
    • Does MiO contain lots of sugar?
      MiO is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose, a calorie-free,
      artificial sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar.
    • Sucralose? Acesulfame potassium? They sound
      Don't let the long names scare you. Sucralose is a calorie-free, artificial
      sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar. Both sucralose and acesulfame
      potassium, the sweeteners in MiO, are recognized as safe by the Food and Drug
      Administration (FDA) for the general population, including pregnant women and
      children. For specific health questions, we always recommend checking with your
      doctor for advice.
    • Does MiO contain caffeine?
      No. MiO is a completely caffeine-free product. And that goes for our Tea
      varieties as well.
    • Is MiO safe for diabetics to drink?
      People with diabetes should always consult their physician, Registered
      Dietitian, or Certified Diabetes Educator to evaluate how certain foods can fit
      into their meal plan. MiO can be an excellent beverage option for people living
      with diabetes because all flavors contain 0g of carbohydrate per serving and are
      considered a free exchange.

    • Is it safe for children to drink MiO?
      It's always wise to check with your children's pediatrician for medical
      advice, but the ingredients in MiO are recognized as safe for the general
      population. Children included.
    • Is it ok to drink straight from the
      MiO must be diluted. It is a highly concentrated liquid for use in flavoring
    • Can you recycle the MiO bottle?
      The MiO bottle is recyclable in communities that recycle #7 plastics. On
      behalf of the planet, we thank you in advance!
    • In what countries is MiO available?
      MiO is currently only available within the United States.
    • How long is MiO good after it has been opened?
      Does it need refrigeration?
      MiO should be used within 30 days after opening or as indicated by an
      expiration date on the packaging. MiO does not require refrigeration, so don't
      leave home without it.
    • Can you freeze MiO?
      We don't suggest you freeze MiO as it may damage the container. MiO-flavored
      ice cubes, on the other hand, are a super idea.
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    I wish I knew how but this old woman is clueless about what you're talking about. Sorry....
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    I like sparkling water with lemon flavor, like lemon Perrier or lemon Calistoga. It has no sugar in it, but it has that nice bubble of beer or soda.
  5. Hound dog

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    He doesn't by any chance care for organ meats such as liver......or even those type luncheon meats does he? They'll bring it on terribly.

    I found something from the mayo clinic that might help. I'm not sure if his doctor really gave him any details as far as diet is honestly, patient education isn't always what it is supposed to be these days.
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    Thanks. I guess the question then becomes is sucralose and fructose in the same family? CJ I'm going to print your post and let him ask his Dr. He doesn't eat any organ meats, Hound, but thanks for asking. I'm off to work. Later. DDD