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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by NOLA, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Did anyone see the special last night? Intervention In-Depth: Heroin Hits Home A look at how parents in some Boston suburbs are coping with a heroin addiction epidemic that is threatening their kids' lives. Viewers meet some of the young victims of the epidemic, and sit in on a group therapy session for women forced into rehab by families so desperate they obtained a court order to try to save their loved ones. We'll also hear from a local newspaper reporter who worries that the community is losing an entire generation to this addiction, and from a mother who started a support group as the only way she could deal with seeing her own son struggling with this disease. Donnie Walhberg narrates this special –

    I checked the website in case you missed it & it airs again tonight for you night owls like me :faint:

    Tuesday, March 25 1:00am EST on A&E
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    I haven't seen that one but I do watch Intervention regularly. Due to the current status of easy child/difficult child I tend to focus on the alcohol addiction stories.
    All of them are so darn sad.......and "real".

    Thanks for sharing. DDD
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    Yes... it was amazing! Since my Father is a Heroin addict (recovering) and my brother has used Heroin, coke etc and now claims OXY as his favorite... I found it very interesting.
    When I lived in Northern Indiana I was amazed at how many young people used Heroin... I knew of quite a few and husband and I had met a few parents whose kids were addicted. A lot of them said they went from shooting steroids to shooting Heroin...
    Here it is mostly Meth... yuck. We have a huge Meth problem here.
    I thought it was good coverage. I like the show.
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    Thanks for posting this.

    I have to admit, I find it very difficult to watch those types of shows after living through the addiction nightmare - with my brother an alcoholic, and then my son with pot and crack. I feel the PTSD creeping in.

    It's very eye opening for those that haven't traveled that road, or are just beginning to though. It can help them realize how far reaching addiction is.

    Again, thanks for posting about the show.

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    I can identify with the PTSD thing too! It is like watching a bad horror movie of which you are participating!