Interview request for parents of kids with ADHD

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    I'm a writer for Parents magazine who has been granted permission to post here. I'm writing an article about children and ADHD. The purpose of the article is to educate parents about the latest ADHD research findings and treatment options.

    The story will include profiles of 3 children with ADHD. I’ve located two kids to use in the story, but I’m still looking to interview a family who has had success modifying their child’s behavior with behavioral family therapy (either in combination with ADHD medications or without them). The child currently must be age 10 or younger. For the profile, I will need to include your child's name, age, city/state, and a photograph, as well as provide background about your child’s diagnosis and treatment. If you are interested in participating in this story (or if you have any questions for me about this request), please contact me at:

    Jeannette Moninger
    [email protected]
    317-865-3313 (EST)

    Thank you!

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    Jeannette, I hope you get some good responses to your post.