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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, May 12, 2009.

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    Myself as well as several other's that do my job have applied for a postion in another department. 4 ten hour DAYS and one day from home. I wouldn't have to sleep during the day and be gone every night

    There were three people I was suppose to interview with. I brought good clothes, didn't want to sit in dressy clothes for 9 hours.

    Went to the room to meet the lady and she didn't show up. I called her and she chewed me out. Said she didn't know anything about it. I told her it was on my calendar and I have an itinerary. She said "NOT my problem it is HR's problem" click.

    I went to the second interview in the other building . This was with the hiring manager. Went to the converence room it was scheduled in and it was full. Walked around, all full. Then she asked if I wanted to go to the cafeteria or reschedule. Nope, I'll go to the cafeteria.

    I was all ready for this. However, it was form questions. Like "tell me about a time you lead a project. How many people were involved. What did you do to ensure everyone worked well together and how did you meet deadlines." WELL - I am a mainframe operator. I run jobs. When they abend I edit and jix the JCL. I HAVE no projects. I made something up as close as I could. Questions went on like that. She did ask some off th form questions which I think I did alright with.

    Third guy. He is new. He would ask me the same form questions, but he wasn't paying attention. he was watching people eat, and waving to his friends. So I don't think he heard anything I said.

    I REALLY want this job. She has two opeings so several more to go.
    Please think good thoughts. I REALLY need a DAY job.
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    I hope that this will turn out for you.
  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I am sending all of my positive thoughts your way. I hope you get it.
  4. Abbey

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    been there done that too many times. It is very frustrating to know they are just going through the motions and not really caring about hiring a competent person. I wish you well. I hope they realize your talent.

  5. Star*

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    When they abend I edit and jix the JCL.

    In English please.
    When they amend I edit and fix the JCL?

    WHen theres a bend I what?

    You edit WHAT ? Jixing WHOM?

    How can I have a conversation with someone who bends jix's on the JCL? I'm just not at that level.

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    Sending positive hiring vibes!! I hope you get it!!! I"m so excited for you, kjs!!
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    What a great opportunity for you. I hope you get this, too.
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    LOL - Star you are too funny.

    I admit, I have many spelling errors when I log on after being up for 20+ hours and have taken my melatonin or ambien....

    But I have been working with Mainframe operations for 22 years. I have been a department supervisor for about 6 years. I definately know that supervisors do a LOT less work than the acutal workers!
    Just more meetings.

    I worked at this one place for 16 years. Thought that was it forever. Then WHAM.

    Since, I have worked nights for the past 6 years. Previous job was 100 miles round trip. second shift 6 and 7 days a week because they were short handed. They were so busy you could't even take time to pee. I did that for two years. When I got this job and explained what I did in the boss said "you need to work here so you have a LIFE".

    I see what he means now. MOST nights I actually do work for an hour. The other 11 hours are spent reading news, internet, watching ONE of the FOUR 32 inch TV's they have on the wall. CNN, weather, news really. Just in case something were to happen to one of our other plants I assume.

    To defend myself a little, I DO read a lot of the manuals, and problem tickets. I do cross train on other platforms. And Yes, I FIX ABENDS, write JCL, override the analysts mistakes and fix printers. I print over 65,000 checks, burst them seal them and send them out once a week. I physically touch every one of those checks.

    In the initial interview, when he asked why he should hire me I plain out told him "because I am good". I pride myself in a LOT of documentation and I double and triple check all my work. I rarely make a mistake and if I do I do NOT make it again. I have made ONE in two years. And in my 12 hours, I do monitor the schedule and make sure the jobs process what they are suppose to, but if they do not abend then I just monitor.

    This new job, omg - a LOT of responsibility. But I AM familiar with it. Just scary to step outside my comfort zone and know how much depends on me.

    With my family being so dysfunctional and fighting all the time, do you think it will be better if I actually had a DAY job? I haven't been home to see my difficult child after school in 6 years. I do have three or four days off a week with this job, but I work a second job on those days. And my sleep is all hosed up. I am normally up about 2 or 3am.

    I did write a thank you letter today. I wanted to some how let the hiring manager know how distracted the last person was that he wasn't even looking at me. I really don't think I had a fair interview as others had the private rooms.

    My letter went something like this:
    Thank you for your time yesterday with the interview for the scheduling positions. It was unfortunate the conference rooms were booked. If you have any further questions (due to the distractions in the cafeteria), please feel free to call me.

    Somewhere in there I mentioned if that first lady would like to meet with me we can find a convenient time, blah, blah, blah... Something like that.

    She will decide sometime next week.
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    Kjs, well, I hope your love of the job itself makes up for the scuzzy attitudes of the interviewers! That's awful!
    Sheesh. How unprofessional.
    I've got my fingers crossed.
  10. Star*

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    Terry said scuzzy with such

    I think you are tired of vampira - come back to the