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    the problem with diets is that the source of control is external - instead of your body learning to self regulate and taking cues from itself , we ignore our bodies. The idea is we need to learn to eat when we are hungry and most important stop when we are satisfied. In this way the body self regulates. The diet is called intuitive eating. W lose our intuition when our mothers become controlling about our food consumption.

    Food issues can be a source of a lot of conflict. It is one of the areas where we have very little control except to provide plenty of choice , plenty of snacks and drinks in between meals, making sure everything is healthy and tasty. If everything is healthy and tasty , we can give kids the freedom to choose and avoid conflict. We can also spend time with kids learning about a healthy diet , what foods our bodies need , what is good for the body and what is bad for the body. They can then particpate in planning meals, helping in the kitchen and actually preparing meals. We can problem solve with them out of the moment in how we can meet our personal needs in a family dinner.

    Using Plan A- parent power and will with kids , bribing them to finish food and clean the plate can lead to childhood obesity
    Parenting is Learning: Child Obesity - Unconditional Parenting and SDT self determined theory

    Parenting is Learning