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Very first post on here and I'm needing some advice. I know that no one can tell me if Intuniv is the 'right' choice for my son. He has ADHD and is extremely hyperactive and has literally NO impulse control. He tasted tea tree oil once and then decided to drink a cap full of it right after even though he knew it didn't taste good. He was trying to get a rise out of me by getting into things that he wasn't supposed to. This resulted in a hospital visit and a great deal of stomach pain on his part. I took him off of medications nearly 2 years ago due to my own mental illness that was caused by a pharmaceutical error with my son's medication. Anyone who has tried Clonidine with their child to aid ADHD symptoms knows that it is a blood pressure medication first and ADHD medication off-label. He was on a liquid concentration of this medication and the pharmacy mixed it 132.5 times the concentration that it was supposed to be. He nearly died. I now have insomnia, anxiety and paranoia issues that I'm taking medications for.
Recently, my son has started displaying behavior at school that is both inappropriate and completely shocking given his prior concentration to his own behavior (Yes I do use alternative therapy with him to help him self-regulate). He has discovered his private parts and has realized that exposing, talking about, or touching them in front of people gets quite a reaction. I've discussed with him how that behavior could result in him being kicked out of school and the bus but my concern doesn't end there... I also have a 3 year old daughter and he has been inappropriate with his verbal interactions with her as of late. I am concerned (Especially with the young age that some of his schoolmates are aware of sex or sexual activities) that this verbal behavior could become physical and am at my wits end. He has no impulse control and with that, when he thinks that he should try something or even thinks about something he does it. Whether he is aware of the consequences or not.
This behavior has made me question my parenting. I try so hard to help him without using medications and I feel that I've exhausted my efforts. He does take Omega 3 supplements and multi-vitamins. I cut out most of the dyed and processed foods, I've tried yoga with him, meditation, gardening, sports, brain games, art, music, ect.
What else can I do. I have looked into the benifits of using medications again and am frankly scared silly about him taking medications again. I know the likelihood of a repeat overdose are slim to none but I still remember them resucitating him in the hospital and seeing him with wires hanging out of him for 4 days. That was terrifying for myself as a parent and I still struggle with the aftershock of witnessing that. He is 7 now and I think it's time to try something different.


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Welcome to our corner of the Internet. Who diagnosed your son with ADHD? What does his therapist say about his new behaviors?


First, welcome to the board... there is a lot of support and information here!! Second, from reading your post it sounds like 3 different issues at hand; your PTSD from your son's overdose, your son's hyper-sexuality, and medications. The first two I can't offer any info as I have no experience... but ADHD medications I have quite a bit of "Mom" experience!

Both my difficult children (boys) have used guanfacine (Intuniv and Tenex, the brand names)... and we have had mixed results. But, and it is a big one... we have not used it as the solo medication. We did try it and lasted only 3 days. We have always used it WITH a stimulant (currently using Concerta). For my oldest, Tenex had a negative impact on his blood pressure, too low. But with my VERY impulsive youngest, it works very well together with his stimulant.

So I would not give up on medications. Finding the right medications and/or right medication combo can be a challenge, but for our family nothing compares to the our life without medications!