Intuniv ...anyone?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Kjs

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    New medication. Originally for high blood pressure, but proves to work for ADHD. difficult child is to take it at night because causes sleepiness.
    Dr. said it is not new, more imporved. Use to have to take it 3x's a day and people would fall asleep. Now this is a once a day pill.

    Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Red Chief

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    I would be very interested in hearing about peoples results with this medication too.
    Our regular psychiatrist mentioned it, but I am always afraid of new medications.
    I believe he said something about it helping to control their compulsive urges too. That would be a godsend for my difficult child right now. But, again, I'm not too keen on trying out new medications.
  3. agee

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    My son tried it and we saw no real difference in impulsivity. He did a full 5 week trial - 2 weeks at 4mg. It certainly wouldn't take the place of stimulants for him, which is what we'd hoped for.
    Good luck!
  4. jal

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    Holding onto a script for it - have yet to fill it. It's a brand name for guaficine which has to be taken 3x's a day. We had no luck with that a few yrs ago. The Intuniv I was told is extended release therfore once a day. We are going to through with-vision therapy first (difficult child diagnosis'd with ocular convergence issue) and see if that isn't the bulk of the inattentiveness with close at hand tasks.
  5. Kjs

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    Yes I was also told it will help with mood, anxiety, compulsiveness. psychiatrist didn't stress that area, more so on the ADHD. psychiatrist said 3mg max though.

    I dread new medications because you always have such high hopes, and most of my experience is a total let down.
  6. serviswithasmile

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    difficult child age 14 finally has diagnosis after me KNOWING in my gut for the past 12 years that he is ADHD inattentive and ODD.

    After almost a full year non medication and nothing but issues at home and school, we started the starter pack of Intuniv extended release. Started in October, 2mg up to 3mg, November still at 3 mg, December upped to 4 mg and changed to taking at bed time instead of morning. WHOA! Son was sleeping through school and home life all day everyday. Starting last Friday, we have backed down to 3mg of Intuniv in p.m. and psychiatrist has added lowest dose (20mg) of Vyvanse in the a.m.

    Biggest changes I have seen in difficult child son since taking Intuniv is that he is more approachable, less prickly if ya know what I mean. He even has started giving me spontaneous hugs and kisses, something I haven't had him give me voluntarily in years. Also a slight decrease in the argumentative side of him.

    Higher dosage was a bad mistake, but to me all medications are a **** shoot, takes lotsa luck to get the winning combination.
  7. Steely

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    What is the base medication that this medication is a "newer more improved version of"?
    Just curious, since Matt has done well with Clonidine which is a really, really old high blood pressure medication.
  8. smallworld

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    Intuniv is long-acting Tenex, which of course is Clonidine's cousin.
  9. ML

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    Manster has benefited from chlonidine. The part I like the best is that he is always asleep within an hour and a half of taking it and sleeps through the night! He used to have insomnia but now that is never a problem. He's still inattentive but he learning some ways of managing it and the teachers are aware they have to engage him as he zones out often.
  10. jannie

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    difficult child 1 has been on it for about three months...he's currently on 4 mg. I'm still not certain that I am seeing benefits; he is possibly more focused at school and seems to be handling homework a bit better. But he has also been agitated and frustrated. He's had two incidents at recess lately and this has not been a problem in loooong time. I was really hoping for better benefits; my doctor had talked about it for at least the past 1 1 /2 years.
  11. DDD

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    GFGmom emailed to say that her daughter is being changed to a new medication that supposedly (according to local MDs) is better than stimulants. I can't find it on the Web. Anybody? DDD
  12. smallworld

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    Intuniv is long-acting Tenex.
  13. ChocolateBFF

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    It is extended release version of tenex called Intuniv. My difficult child has been it for 1 month and it has really helped her. Most significant medication change I have ever seen work for her.

    It helps with attention and focus. Even her teachers have remarked about seeing a significant improvement. I am just hoping it holds for her for awhile. She is on 2mg, but I wouldn't be suprised if psychiatrist puts her up to 3mg.

    Hope this helps.
  14. ChocolateBFF

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    I have had excellent results with Intuniv, or should I say difficult child has. It has improved her focus and attention. Teachers have reported major improvement at school.

    She has been taking it since Dec. 18 after 2 school suspensions in November. We began taking over Christmas break, which was great because she was initially sleepy, but has since adjusted just fine.

    I know taking a new medication is a shot in the dark, but this is one that really helped us.

    Good luck, whatever your decision.
  15. LittleDudesMom

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    Kjs and DDD - hope you don't mind - I merged your threads together since they are both about this new medication. Sounds interesting......the vyvance is working great for difficult child, but he definately has trouble falling asleep...

  16. DDD

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    Thanks for combining. Now I at least know how GFGmom should have spelled it, lol. DDD