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    easy child/difficult child's psychiatrist is adding a small dose of Intuniv to his Vyvanse. She said it should help with some of the issues he's having. We're going to start him over Christmas break so he has time to get used to it and we can monitor possible side effects. Does anyone here have experience with Intuniv? What should I expect? Does it help?
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    unfortunatly difficult child was on Intunitive before he came to us but it does help him concentrate, calms him some...
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    My son is on 3mg. of Intuniv. We had to gradually increase his dose to that level. It is one of the "cleanest" in terms of SE's. The only side effect we had was that my son was very sleepy when we started him on it for maybe a few weeks, and the same each time we increased the dose. After a few weeks he was completely fine with-no side effects at all. We had him on other stimulant ADHD medications and he couldn't tolerate the SE's, so that's why we tried Intuniv. It has been an excellent medication for us. He's great at school and better at home than before the medication, but he was still having issues with-ODD at home, so we recently added a low dose of Concerta. It's too soon to tell for sure, but thankfully, he's having no SE's from the Concerta with-the Intuniv and he's doing really really well.
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    My difficult child is also on Intuniv. 3mg and we do it at night per the dr.'s suggestions as it can cause sleepiness. He's been on it for about 2 1/2 yrs and it was a big help for him. He cannot tolerate stims at all. No side effects, not even major sleepiness for him when he started it.
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    My youngest is using Intuniv with some success. He puts the H in ADHD, so he is on Concerta during the day (30 minutes before breakfast, currently 6:30 am). We give the Intuniv dose at 4:00 pm as it really helps with the rebound from stims, and "winding down" in the evenings. I have found it has been only a small help with impulsiveness... just some.

    We did start out with the generic twice-a-day version of guanfacine first to trial the medication. We started with 1 mg once a day, then 1 mg twice a day, then 1 mg in morning and added 2 mg in evening. Each dosage change we tried for 2 weeks.

    We ended up with Intuniv 2 mg... but I'm beginning to think we need to move to 3 mg. We did find "sleepiness" as a side effect, but in our case it was a positive side effect!
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    My son's psychiatrist is talking about adding Intuniv to his medications to help with impulse control. I'd be interested to hear how the medication works for your son.

    Good luck!