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I've been gone for a few years now and decided to check out what was happening here. I LOVE the idea of this forum. My twins are graduating high school this spring and, yea, this forum sounds PERFECT for me. I think a better fit than PE since both mine have "issues". Way To Go IC!!


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I actually wonder if this isn't a better "spot" for Jabber and I than PE. Drugs, at least pot and "K2-type" smokables, have been on the scene...he loves the herb, no doubt. But I really don't think that's the "problem" with our son. He's very immature, falls for "friends" who are just using him, blows money he needs for bills on stupid things like Magic cards, doesn't hold a job, etc. We've long suspected he's at least mildly aspie...but he won't consent to even a counselor, so we'll never be able to get him tested now. Where living a functional life is concerned, he just doesn't seem to "get it".


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Come and welcome.

You can be in both places if you want... but there is a subtle difference between kids who "don't want to" and those who can't. And I suspect your kid is a bit like mine - able in some ways, but in other ways just really doesn't connect the dots.