Is anybody else watching Court TV lately about the missing baby etc???

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    I don't think they even call it Court TV now but it's the same show with Vinnie etc. A long trial should conclude the first of next week and it is irritating me to listen to the commentary. The Defendant is a forty year old middle class white woman who is charged with something vague. I think "Custodial Interference"?

    The lady is a motor mouth who is extremely tenacious. She may have a couple of Fruit Loops where brain cells are suppose to be BUT she is attractive, a successful business woman, previously a missionary who went to Africa and darn smart. The crew in my humble opinion is making her out to be the Devil's right hand assistant.

    The story is long and complex. A beautiful difficult child and her boyfriend gave birth to a drop dead handsome baby boy.They split and visitation/custody went to Court where the Judge gave them 50/50 time. The difficult child had met the Defendant and her husband and indicated she want to give the baby up for adoption...then changed her mind. The difficult child called her boyfriend and told him that she had killed the little boy and put his body in a dumpster. Then she and the baby took off for San Antonio (or they think the baby was with her) and nobody has seen the baby since. The difficult child is in jail and told authorities she gave the baby up for adoption in SA.

    This Defendant, in my humble opinion, became a Warrior Mom trying to make sure the baby was safe and, in my humble opinion, the authorities resented her phone calls, efforts and suggestions. OK...I know this is long but it really bugs me that the baby is still missing and they are focusing on demeaning this Defendant. DDD
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    DDD...have you watched this from the very beginning? I have. Its not so cut and dried. I do think this woman had a whole lot more to do with it. Now I do think she got sucked into it by the mother who was a classic Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) case. The victims in this case are the baby and the father.
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    Yeah, I knew a couple of other family members watched fairly often. What piece am I missing Janet? I know how difficult child and the Defendant met. I know that the Dad wanted the baby and went to Court to get at least equal visitation staying at his Dad's house. I know that the difficult child lied to the Defendant and her husband about the bio Dad, exaggerated his past indiscretions and they believed the baby was not only not wanted but likely would be endangered. I know that the baby stayed with the Defendant and her husband. I also know that the Defendant suggested listing another possible father on the paperwork, relocating to Tennessee and even adopting the difficult child so she and the baby could safely live with them.

    I must be missing something for sure. There is no way this woman has the baby hidden away. I'd bet the family farm that I don't own, lol. There is no way that she would have harmed the baby. There is no way this lady is a saint but none of us are. When Mike said "she actually thought she could suggest to law enforcement how they could or should take action to find that baby" I immediately thought "you guys are being sexist and arrogant". If I was involved in any way with a missing baby that I was attached to I would have been calling every darn person and doing everything I could think of to do. You would too Janet.

    So what piece of this am I missing. Why did they arrest her with Swat teams, helicopters above her home at three in the morning? Why did she get interrogated for hours? Yikes. DDD
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    I haven't followed that one very closely - but if you've been following the one about little Amir Jennings - the mother was indicted last night. She won't tell anyone what she did with her toddler. She's being held here in Columbia. She and the baby went to GA and the baby just "disappeared". How does a toddler just disappear from your car in your care?

    And what about the little girl in Arizona/ Anyone heard anything on her? Taken from her bed?

    endicted was fritz having a bad spelling bee day - rofl.
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    What is Entited?

    Is this the Baby Gabriel case? That mother is a psycho and I think she killed the little boy because she was too selfish to let him know his daddy. Is this deft the lady who tried to intervene? I didn't even know she had been charged with anything.

    There's also a toddler missing from her dad's house in Maine or somewhere up there and another little girl who was supposedly stolen from her house while mom and brothers slept and dad was at work; think that was in Kansas City or St. Louis.
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    Yes, the Baby Gabriel case is the one that is bugging me. The woman who tried to help (and wanted to adopt) is the one they are prosecuting. Maybe I am a little "testy" the last couple of weeks, lol, but to me they are treating her like she is a murder suspect. Asking her questions that they asked her over two years ago and then "calling her out" be saying "BUT DIDN'T you say that you weren't sure when we met came to your house and NOW you are saying that you think so". Good Grief.

    Did you all know that legally a Mother can give her baby or child away to strangers with-o anyone involved or any legal documents in Texas. Yep, you can just hand your child over and the people who take your child can get in their car and drive back to Oregon or wherever as instant parents. The experts said there is a "famous" park in San Antonio where may babies are "adopted" that way. Furthermore Texas law has no rights for bio Dad's who have acknowledged paternity but are not married to the bio Mom. One of the female stars on the show reported that and my jaw dropped.

    Lordy, Lordy. The older I get the more I have to just shake my head. Crazy world. DDD
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    DDD, She is only charged with some custodial interference and I think something to do with filing out forged documents type issues. I believe her problems are the fact that she wanted that baby so badly that she got herself over involved with the mother and then went on TV and made things up as she went along and now all her statements are coming back to bite her in the ass. She also filled out paperwork for the mother and some of what she filled out for the courts was just false. Now I am sure it was what the mother told her to say but still, she should have been smart enough to say no. I heard one police officer even tell her on tape while interviewing her that her conduct may have started out as innocent enough but somewhere along the line turned into criminal conduct and Tammi agreed with her.

    Why on earth would a woman or a couple wanting to adopt some child that was offered to them in a park just take at face value what this mother say about the father? Why not find the father and make sure he had actually given up parental rights so that wasnt an issue coming down the line? That is always a factor. That would be my first thought. I would be afraid she had kidnapped the baby from the father myself if that happened to me.
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    As we all know there are thousands of people who want a baby but are not eligible to adopt. Supposedly there is one park in S.A. where eager to adopt adults "meet and greet" Moms with babies. It is illegal to "sell" babies but according to what one of the Court TV female journalists shared the couples have thinly disguised conversations about things such as "what kind of jewelry would you love to have someday?" which then is used to set the dollar amount for the transfer of the child.

    I find the whole thing mindboggling. I guess I'll miss the verdict this week so you guys remember so you can fill me in when I get back. DDD
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    50/50 custody time for a child is absurd.
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    I agree Witz. on the other hand, I have known a few couples who have managed to jointly parent successfully with very odd arrangements. It wasn't the case following the end of my first marriage. Sigh. on the other hand, I do think both parents have to actually love the children for it to DDD