Is anyone an expert in unemployment insurance?

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    By the way, I put in a complaint to the main Head Start office in Washington Difficult Child and our Head Start is going to be investigated. I was told I am entitled to all their records leading up to my downgrade in empployment and have requested them in writing (bet they didn't like that). They have five days to comply or another agency will step in and get them for me. But I'm worn out talking about that though and am now interested in the laws for unemployment.j

    I am filing for unemployment, but the kicker is I"m still employed. I was downgraded to a sub status and have not been called in to work for two weeks. Does this work like a layoff? I think HS thinks that they can do this and not have to pay unemployment insurance because the person is still employed on paper, although there is never any work for them. One person I know tried to apply for unemployment from HS when she had been downgraded to sub and was told "no" because she is a sub. However, she's not much of a fighter and probably she just took the answer and moved on. I need the unemployment insurance and won't just lay down and die....but is it a worthwhile cause or a waste of time? Also, I can never get through the phonelines to talk to an unemployment person. You have to do that before they will give anybody unemployment, but they are always so busy that they have an automated voice say, "Sorry, we have too many people holding. Please try back later." I've done that at least twenty times last week with the same result. Anyone else experience this?

    Thanks for anyone who can shed light on this issue. I know they will never call me in again.
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    If you have been downgraded to sub - you will still qualify for unemployment! In fact, it will make it easier because the fact that you are still eligible to work for them means they can't make a claim that you were fired for cause. The only thing that changes is the amount you receive will be reduced during those weeks you actually WORK as a sub. So, they will reduce your amount of UE by the wages you earned. Once you are collecting unemployment, make sure you accept the work as a sub when you are called in. Refusing the hours will make you ineligible to collect unemployment as being "not available for work".

    here's the link to apply online:


    Read more:
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    I'm no expert at all- but when I took a leaveof absence from a long-term job a few years ago, which was mutually agreed upon for family reasons, then they had replaced me with two part-time employees (so they wouldn't have to pay full-time benefits such as health ins), I didn't file unemployment but found out later I should have. Plus, even if you don't get paid unemployment, their office can be a great help in getting you employed someplace else. So I learned the hard way that it's definitely a benefit to go to the unemployment office and get as involved with them as they will let you. Really, you have nothing to lose and the more they see you are a person who really wants to work, the more they will help you all the way around.
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    The phone systems are a PITA. It would be far more helpful to actually go to the office and speak to someone. You get more info and become a 'real' person rather than a voice on the phone.

    Regardless of what they tell you, if you are denied, APPEAL. the day you get the paperwork denying, you start preparing your appeal. They must tell you how to appeal and when you are approved it will become backdated to the date you first filed. At least that is what happens here.

    We had similar problems with the phones for unemployment when husband was first laid off. I had him get up and start dialing their number five min before they opened. As soon as the recording came on saying they are closed, he hung up and redialed. This way as soon as the place opened he was on their system. It was something he fought over for several days before I got him to do it. He was surprised at how effective it was at getting through. (Of course he is easily surprised, lol).

    It is possible that by going to the office you won't need to call them, but knowing a strategy to get through the phone lines is helpful, in my opinion, because a LOT of places are like that. I actually first tried it when I needed to make dr appts for my kids.

    I am glad you won't just roll over and take whatever you are told at face value. So often people just say things to get others to leave them alone or not bother then. I know a LOT of people who tell outrageous things to clients/patients/customers just so they don't have to do certain things or anything. I find it outrageous and shocking and often people who do that with me regret it because I tend to complain to someone at the top of the food chain.

    WHen you are going through this process, it is IMPERATIVE for you keep CLEAR documentation. Keep a notebook for unemployment. Each and every single time you talk with somoene over the phone or in person, get that person's name and ID number. Some places use first and last names, others use part of a name and an employee code, just do not settle for "whosie", get "whosie soandso" or "whosie 127679), Write that down, make them confirm the spelling (I have had places tell me that I could not have been given certain info because they do not have an Angie and they never mentioned they had a Angela who often went by Angie. It is to get you to not make a fuss or talk to their supervisor). and ask what their extension is or their direct number is. Then write your questions and the answers you get. This can be important documentationat some future date.

    One thing I found VERY helpful? I kept an index of calls in my notebook. I used the back page and wrote the date, time and purpose of call (what Q's i wanted to ask) and I kept the name of the person I spoke to and her last name/ID code, direct number, etc... right there. I was able to produce a full lst of everyone I called and what I asked them, and who they were.

    It is a lot more impressive to see all the pages of notes, but faster to look at this index. The index let someone count the total number of contacts and showed how determined I was to follow through. It can help in all kinds of situations. I kept a similar thing for all the calls with Wiz during the period we had him removed. It is why the judge told the officer than eh had just a few days to get that report written, period, because ti was time to help. (Our cops often will not write things up regarding kids and being violent to a parent or sibling,, ore other stuff they chalk up to 'juvenile stuff that goes away on its own". This list is an easy it understand record of all you have done on an issue/problem, and it can be helpful.
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    File online ASAP. You're entitled. This is what the plumbers and electricians always do. They work for a company that used them and pays into unemployment for each hour they work, then when there's no work they collect unemployment. You can even collect unemployment if you still work from time to time without losing your claim. I know this is so because we did this with several employees where I did payroll.

    FWIW, if they had reason to terminate you, they would have at which point you'd have to fight them for unemployment benefits. Since you're still on their books and they just don't have work for you, you are an employee that they don't have work for and you're eligible. Trust me. File online ASAP back to the last date you worked. Don't tell them anything other than that they don't have work available for you. Don't muddy the waters with details.
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    Thanks, all!!!! Star, Star, Star...can you feel my hugging you? I had no idea there was a physical office for unemployment. I found an address and hope it's the real office.

    The unemployment online garbage will not take the claim until I talk to an unemployment specialist and I can't get through, but we have all the info ready to go once we get through. All I'm going to say is, I was downgraded from an every day employee to a sub and have not been called in since. That sound good? Thanks, all!
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    Add "and have not been called as a sub due to lack of available work" and that works perfectly. That's what we did with our full time guys and they collected unemployment and worked for us from time to time. File your claim exactly like that. They see it every day, and no one will think a thing of it unless you make a fuss. Your company would be fools to try to say it was anything else.

    And bring a good book and some snacks to the UE office. You may be there a while.
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    I'm still not sure there IS an UO, but I'm going to try hard to find out. If I have to depend on the telephone (and, yes, I'll use Janet's method)...I am not sure I'll ever get through. I haven't had a chance to claim unemployment because the computer won't let me do it until I talk to an unemployment specialist. I may have to call around to find out what to do. I'm a pretty good self-advocate.
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    Well, I just found out that there are no longer ANY unemployment offices in Wisconsin. You HAVE to apply online. But the only way to do it is to call over and over and over again, sometimes a hundred times and hope that the automated voice doesn't say "We have reached the limit of people we allow to be put on hold. Try again Later. Bye!" I may try to call a few places if I can't get through. But I can't go an unemployment office that does not exist.
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    I think there's one in Madison still- not sure tho I know that's far for you :-(

    Also- they're called "DWD" offices- aka dept of workforce development- not "unemployment"- I know I've seen their job centers around. Drop by one?