Is anyone else dreading Mother's Day weekend?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, May 11, 2013.

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    I don't know if I would even appreciate it IF they actually did "honor" me on Mother's Day. I have been so fed up with all the drama that I am afraid that any nice guessture on difficult child's behalf would only be a means on manipulation to get what she wants later. I guess the perfect gift is to actually have peace in the house for the whole weekend... with no whining about what I cook, that I have to spend money on them, or drive them all over town. Besides getting along, someone loading the dishwasher, recycling the newspaper that is on the floor, or vacumning the family room would be nice too.

    It is hard to be happy for the other mom's who do get thoughtful attention on Mother's Day.

    So, I am going to go shopping and buy me a pair of black capris. Then walk along the art fair that is happening today. I will try to give me a day I deserve. KSM
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    OOoooO art fair!! I wanna go.

    Sounds like a dream.

    It is hard being happy for other people sometimes.
    I read something about a woman getting carried over the threshold after her wedding and thought less than charitable thoughts today.

    My husband just dropped 20lbs with no effort and he's my exact height and weight. I wouldn't let him pick me up. Totally petty but there you go.

    This is my first Mother's Day spent with my new husband, last year we were in different states for the army. We are broke and trying to make the best of it but it would be nice if for once I didn't have to direct every single function of the day and was actually getting instead of giving.

    And then there's tk intentionally driving me insane and then having her big smile and "happy Mother's Day" what does that even mean?

    And there again that feels petty but it is how I feel.
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    OK - I treated myself today. I found a pair of black capris at Kohl's at 40% off and I liked the way they fit so bought black slacks in the same brand and style, also 40% off. Then found a dress and a pair of jeans on the clearance rack. I used my 20% off card I got in the mail, and my $25 gift card. Then I was down to owing $30... but I got a $10 Kohl's cash to use next week. Not too shabby. Then walked around the art fair. I also tried three different stores trying to find potting plants. I wanted coleus, taller marigolds and sweet potato vine, and didn't find any of those at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart. THen I bought food for our Mother's Day lunch for tomorrow and fixings for hamburger/hotdogs on the grill tonight and came home.

    difficult child had spent the night with a friend, and actually got home on time today. She and her friend cleaned her room (her way of getting permission to hang out longer with friend) I surprised her with a comforter set for her bed, so they stripped it, flipped the mattress over and remade the bed. I have had the set for quite sometime, but was waiting for when she had a clean room so it would look nicer. I let her go back out with her friend to have dinner with her family tonight. Ironic, as they are celebrating Mother's Day tonight.

    Then easy child, who went skating last night had her BFF get mad at her and call her the B witch word and didn't want to spend the night with her as planned, so a different friend came over and spent the night. easy child is extremely hurt by her friends actions, but this girl down the street has pulled stuff like this about every other month. easy child doesn't even know why the girl is mad. I have a feeling it is because easy child had other female friends at the skating rink and also a boyfriend who was there. So I am guessing that xBFF was feeling left out. easy child has tried to apologize for whatever made her mad, but the girl won't eventalk to her or tell her why she is so mad.

    Ahhh... girl world... lived there once, don't want to go back. KSM
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    Glad you had a good day! Hope things continue to go well.
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    Ksm- glad it went well!
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    KSM, great idea to treat yourself! When difficult child was at his very worst stages, husband would ask me what I wanted to do for Mother's Day, and I'd say, got out to eat with-you. Just You. He thought I was weird but I think now he gets it. :)