Is concerta a narcotic?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tinamarie1, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I have always heard this, and I know at one time a pharmacist told me this when he had to make a copy of my drivers license and I had to sign some weird statement when I picked up a refill.

    Can someone confirm or deny this?
    husband says technically it is a narcotic by medically not so much. I am trying to find a source online that says it is.
    (this is just for debate purposes....difficult child is on concerta and we have no problems with it)
  2. Concerta is considered a controlled substance-but not a narcotic; any of the stimulants for ADHD fall into this category. Different states have different requirements; but typically - they don't even allow for normal refills; you have to have a new physical prescription for each refill.
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    It's a controlled medication, but it's not a narcotic.

    From a partial Table of Contents at (US Drug Enforcement Adm):

    1 The Controlled Substances Act
    13 U.S. Chemical Control
    16 Introduction to Drug Classes

    18 Narcotics
    20 Opium
    20 Morphine
    21 Codeine
    21 Thebaine
    21 Heroin
    22 Hydromorphone
    23 Oxycodone
    23 Hydrocodone
    24 Meperidine
    25 Methadone
    24 LAAM
    25 Buprenorphine
    25 Dextropropoxyphene
    25 Fentanyl
    26 Pentazocine
    26 Butorphanol

    31 Stimulants
    32 Cocaine
    34 Amphetamines
    35 Methcathinone
    35 Methylphenidate
    35 Anorectic Drugs
    36 Khat

    39 Depressants
    40 Barbiturates
    41 Benzodiazepines
    41 Flunitrazepam
    42 GHB
    42 Paraldehyde
    43 Chloral Hydrate
    43 Glutethimide & Methaqualone
    43 Meprobamate
    43 Newly Marketed Drugs

    48 Cannabis
    49 Marijuana
    50 Hashish
    50 Hashish Oil
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    the pharmacy laws here in NJ have just been getting more and more strict, my poor Aunt who was a Pharmacy Cashier just got booted out of her job because she has a record from when she was young (she's 60 now)
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    Concerta should never be a refill. They ask for the driver's license etc because this way if you say you got it and then come back in again in 2 wks saying you need more they can monitor your amounts. Make sure your not selling them for money instead. Which is why most psychiatrist do not like to write a long scrip for them. They want them back in again in 30-45 days. You can though get the original scrip for up to 90 days but I think that is the max by law.

    Medically its not a narcotic but if you were arrested by a cop with excess amounts it would be termed a narcotic because you would be using it to get high and not as a medical substance.