Is it...a...birthday?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Heard a little rumor, EW, that you might be celebrating today! Have a good one!
  2. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Thanks Sheri. It's a great day to be alive!
  3. house of cards

    house of cards New Member

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA'LL!!! :tongue:

  5. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I know you! You're just trying to get one more party in before the end of the year!
  6. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    LOL Witz---you know me too well.

    Actually I just had lunch downtown on the waterfront---shrimp and grits (hahahaha Star) and bread puddin' with bourbon creme sauce---yummy.

    Now, a nap and maybe water aerobics at the Y.

    Thanks for the warm wishes.
  7. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Many wishes for a wonderful day. It's all about you today.:hapBday::nails::lady:
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Happy, happy birthday woman! :hapBday:
  9. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Happy Birthday!!!
  11. EW,

    Happy Birthday, and many happy returns!!!

  12. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Happy Birthday, EW!!!
  13. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
  14. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    I celebrated for you today by having a great day! I hope yours was even better than mine!

  15. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Thanks ladies, as the day wraps to a close, I can truly say it was a great day. And really, it was not that different from every day of my life---I think that my perspective has changed so in the past few year (a lot as a result of being here among you guys) that I see things as positive. I'm so happy with my life! I am truly blessed, and always have been, but had a hard time seeing in with the issues that popped it. Tonight, we went out to eat at a restaurant about 45 miles from home. We leave to come home, and husband's new truck wouldn't crank. It's 9:30 at night, we are close to an hour from our town, and Onstar was sending a tow truck but could not send a car. Before, I would have freaked. Not now. I was fine---we were all standing in the cold, in the misting rain, laughing at the situation. And the driver got there, (we had called niece to come get us), has seen the problem before with this model truck, and had us cranked and head home in no time. Called niece before she made it over the bridges heading out of town, and we came home. And I"m still wondering what has changed. Me...I guess. My attitude, my perspective, my ability to see the humor and not the issues. Inner's a nice thing to have...the best birthday present ever.