Is it solar flares messing up my 3G and 4G phone today? Here's the answer!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Star*, Apr 14, 2011.

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    For the last three days - (have ATT) my phone reception has been shoddy to say the least. Normally from certain places I have excellent reception. I can talk, text, check internet. All of a sudden, standing in the exact same places - NADA.

    My thought was first - Did I pay the bill? This is a great ATT trick, you get scrambled service, you call - they say OH by the way - you owe us a billion dollars and unless you give us 36 million, your service will be cut off today at 5:00 PM. So you pony up some cash and voilla' - no more misqued reception. Today, not possible. They've taken and gotten their pound of flesh last week.

    Second thought? Solar flares? Wonder how you check that, because it would interfere with satellite transmission - so would major asteroid and meteor showers. Could it be Northern lights? (while major shows are going on and absolutely beautiful I'm told, probably not). But how to find out at a glance?

    Well here you go. If you are lucky enough to have a droid, there is an app for that. lol (I just bet) Still trying to get a phone like Nancy's - I want that dratted FLASHLIGHT. I however have a Samsung Flight and dislike it with a fervent passion. When my contract is up? I shall be dropkicking it across the mall parking lot - note to self wear steel toe boots and wait till lot is empty. (bring tape recorder with Loony toon sound effect for boot smack sound, long range whistle like something orbiting away, and ground thump for perfect day ending)

    So here you go -

    Oddest thing is - I just realized if there IS intereference? You ...probably won't get it on your cell phone. hahaha. Ahem. Anywho - at least you could check for it later. (groan)