Is one of us hearing from Echolette?


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I don't remember where I saw it, but I think late last week she posted somewhere she was going on a trip? Hope she is well, lying on a sandy beach somewhere, under a big umbrella.


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Thank you all, that is very very heartwarming.
We did take a new-mixed family trip...SO, his 24 year old daughter, his sister, my two teenage boys, and my 20 year old daughter (difficult child's twin). It was chaotic! Good bad and in between, as those trips are.
difficult child messaged once on facebook that it looked like we were having fun, and he looked forward to eharing about it.
Then he messaged that he had gotten a caseworker, and did I know when his last psychiatric evaluation was. I was so astounded and happy!
Then I looked on facebook and saw that he had some drug call Cahootz for sale, 120/gm, "hmu"
All of you can relate, I'm sure.
My ex, difficult child's dad, says he has let difficult child sleep there the last two nights...he has been couch surging and on the street since released from jail New Year's Eve.
That is my short update. I am reading through the back posts...we are a strong wise crew in our swirling activity as we shift focus back and forth among each other. It is pretty great (and often pretty awful) to read so many threads and posts at once.

I'm back :)