Is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) a basis for an IEP?

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    My 14 year old was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/ADD/LOW IQ . He was taken off an IEP last year and I am trying to get him back on it. The neuropsychologist people gave me the diagnosis and when i spoke with the school, the guy was jsut like oh well...we will look at his grades and behaviors and look at his papers frm the testing then make a decision but didnt sound very promising. Is there a list of criteria you have to have to qualify for one.
    Then he had the nerve to tell me that they were not aware of him being on a 504 and had not made any changes for him over the year. Ooops...sorry was all i got. I guess this too is my fault even though at the beginning of the year I took in his 504 paperwork along with his past IEP papers.
    his grades are 3 A's and 3 F's. The A's are in science, art and PE. The F's are math, english and history.

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    The F's are math, english and history...This sounds like educational impact to me. I suggest you go to the school and request an IEP meeting/screening meeting. I'm not certain if the school will need to do new testing becuase they have all that information on file. At a screening meeting they can look at all the old and new information (failing grades, diagnosis etc) and determine if updated testing is needed for eligibility. and Yes Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) falls under the autism code, Learning Disability (LD) is another code and so is other health impaired due to ADD so you have three different areas your difficult child could qualify under. And if they say IQ is low...too low which results in no need for special education ..since he is working up to his ability....fight the IQ code; tell them that the ADD impacted his performance...and you believe it is highter...or suggest that they redo the testing.
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    thank you. that is the reason they took him off the IEP last year was they said his IQ was so low that he was doing what he could and I have been fighting ever since. I will try your suggestion.