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    reaaalllllyyyyy a big enough deal to eat up ALL news and talk shows for days and weeks? I understand what he did was wrong, but frankly, it's not that uncommon to be this news worthy. And the women claiming they thought they meant something to him and are so hurt to learn that he cares more about his wife and family? Pffttt... Are they idiots? Or is this all about the money that will be lost from the golf industry? I'm already tired of hearing about it. He had affairs- he didn't have to take an absence from golf but he has decided to. End of story as far as I'm concerned.

    Then, I hear/read in the news that Americans' net worth actually went UP this year? Are you kidding? With all these people losing jobs or taking cuts in pay? The only thing I can figure is that the richer got a whole lot richer while the middle class and poor got poorer.

    Yeah- I'm trying to wear myself out so I can get some sleep and get up with the chickens in the morning. LOL!
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    One of my professors said something kinda interesting today...

    She thinks that certain people in the news, like high ranking government officials, it might be noteworthy if they are involved in extra marital affairs,..especially so many. Perhaps this 'speaks" to their integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, etc.

    However, with Tiger Woods, his claim to fame is his ability to play golf. Perhaps the companies he works for in terms of endorsement might have a concerrn,..but that is another story. As far as the general public, it doesn't make good sense to have this much of an interest because again, his "job" is to play golf and playing golf has nothing to do with morals, religion, honesty, marriage voes, etc. It really seems excessive to me (although I do NOT endorse his behavior by any means).

    She thinks anyone who has a strong interest might be really troubled by their own problems currently and this seems even "bigger" and therefore is of interest. And given the state of our economy, etc. perhaps this is a distraction.

    It's just a thought...who really knows for sure...and I'm sure each case is different.

    Did not hear that thing about the "net" worth of folks going is curious and very hard to believe.
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    I see what she's saying. I just think I can have the thought "darn, Tiger- I'm disappointed and now I know you don't have the integrity I thought you did" whether I hear this once on the news or 50 times a day, every day, Know what I mean???

    Yep- the economy issue is getting to me too. Even though it is hitting me very hard- ina catastrophic way. I still am getting tired of hearing about people overcoming it, more people losing their jobs, these wonderful ideas that still haven't turned things around, etc. I just want it fixed- yesterday. LOL! Ocassionally I do hear some good advice on tv about financial stuff though.
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    I am totally sick of hearing about it.

    I feel sorry for his wife and kids. It would be bad enough to deal with this kind of crisis without having to do it in the public eye. I don't think it is any of my business.

    And it seems to me the women he was involved with are a bunch of s*&^s because if they had any decency at all they'd be ashamed of themselves and they wouldn't want their dirty laundry aired in public either. I suppose they think they will get money of fame but I'm sure there are a lot of people like me who just think they are stupid bimbos and deserve all of the trouble they get.

    If he were an elected official it might be different. But he plays golf for a living. Granted, some people may find it interesting to watch, but what does he really do in the grand scheme of things to affect any of us?

    I heard somebody say that he was really unlucky that all of this came out NOW as the period between Thanksgiving and New Years is usually a slow news time so, unless some disaster happens, he will probably be the top story for the rest of the year.

    I used to watch CNN all day, every day. Now I watch the evening news for half and hour and that is more than enough. I can remember when TV was new and newscasts were only 15 minutes. Yet I think in some ways we were better informed then than we are now.
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    Yep- about the bimbos and being stupid- true, some men might really end up torn between two women they care about but this one woman said she thought they had a "relationship" because they slept together about 30 times in the past 3 years. That is less than one time a month. Yeah- that one was on fire, huh? And it's not the same as a married couple who have others aspects in a relationship keepiong them together. (Of course, it's more than I'm doing but I'm not claiming to be in a relationship.) Then, either this same woman or another said she thought he cared because he texted her "happy TG"- never mind that he texted it from home- while spending TG with his family.

    I'm with you about the news and tv, too. I got in the habit of watching cnn almost all the time that difficult child wasn't in the room when 911 happened, then it seemed to be one thing after another for about 3 years (anthrax, elections, sniper). I've been breaking that habit lately and going back to watching old reruns of mindless, comedy sitcoms late at night to try to help turn my brain off. That's when I can't stand to hear one more word about the economy- at midnight when I'm trying to get some sleep so I can have a positive attitude tomorrow.

    It's Golden Girls right now. LOL!
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    I think all the fuss over Tiger is odd. So much fuss was made in the early years about his morals etc...etc...etc.... It was/is unusual for such a big figure in a pro sport to have the morals he was supposed to have.

    However, Tiger is human. Like every other human he makes mistakes. Most of us even make a couple of really BIG mistakes in our lives. Tiger's mistakes are news because it means he fell off of the pedestal the media put him on. I fail to see why his sexual life is anyone's business except his and his sexual partners'.
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    I kinda agree with- what my professor says about it all (see below). The fact that since his line of work doesn't really have anything specifically to do with- integrity, etc....this should not be such a huge issue. That one could make an argument for that if we were talking about a high ranking gov't official, it would be more of an interest, since honesty and integrity is more important to many people in this arena. does not apply to golf.

    And that those overly concerned about it might be worried about their own problems and this provides a distraction.

    I agree...I think a healthy thought would be basically some disappointment that he behaved in this way, but also hope that he and his wife could work this out (esp. since they have children) and that he would learn a personal lesson, grow from the experience and change. And of course, that his career would remain intact. That's about more...

    The Power of the Media
    HOWEVER, last night was also thinking that the media has A LOT to do with this. Sort of like we are all being "played." Didn't the media kinda portray him somehow originally as a ultra clean cut guy for some unknown reason? Why? Maybe he had PR people who did this. Again, if so...why? Who cares, really? AND isn't the media going haywire feeding us all this garbage? I mean it is all over the place? Even if you DIDNT' want to hear it, you hear it or read about it. You open up YAHOO and there it is. My husband listens to sports and lately that is all they are talking about. The news stations are talking about it. It is all over the place. The media is basically dictating what is important...and many are saying it really isn't that important.

    Bimbos vs Just being human
    I also don't like the women being referred to as "bimbos" just in my humble opinion...although, honestly, I have not personally heard them talk and I suppose if I had heard them would be difficult not to judge. But, the bottom line is that we tend to use "terminology" to refer to women engaging in this stuff and not men. Also, I suppose what is really annoying is that these women were fooling around with- a married man and then talking about openly (probably with-o shame). Can we say the women were being "human?" Why is he being "human" and they are "bimbos?" Can we just say that those involved were using very poor judgment?

    My BA was in Mass Communications and I tell ya this media stuff really bugs me!
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    I wish I could remember who said this this week, but I was listening to a retired news anchor who said Tiger has two things going against him - the first is that historically the time between Thanksgiving and New Year is a really slow news time. Nothing new or exciting typically going on in Washington, etc. So he could remain in the top of the news for a few more weeks. The second thing is the age of technology has bitten his b***.

    I have a hard time believing that all, or at least a number, of these woman saved text messages and emails from years ago - they can be manipulated. I also am at a loss as to why these woman (and I use that term loosly) would want to share. I was floored yesterday morning when Meredith interviewed one of the bimbos for like 10 minutes on the Today show. I muted.

    Disgusting and stupid. Both him and his woman. Done hearing about it - use your mute button. There are a lot more important things going on....

  10. Fran

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    1)Too many journalism majors out there. The market is fierce. The stories are increasingly trivial and/or sensationalistic. The stories are killing this family. They should have to deal with the ugliness at home as it should be but with the increasinly shrill reporting all chances of reconciliation is being destroyed.

    2) Americans seem to be unnaturally curious about others sex lives. It's titillating and makes one feel more smug. Or the media is unnaturally interested in others sex lives or married life.

    It's none of my business who sleeps with who as long as they do the job they were hired to do. Let families deal with their pain the way they choose to deal with it.

    I imagine no one can be as successful as Tiger or a news anchor or an elected official of internet guru without some arrogance. It's partly why they are driven. Once you think you have different rules to live by then bad choices get made. in my humble opinion.
    To think if one is faithful makes you a better golfer, elected official or any position of prominence is simply not true. It makes you a bad family person if you do things that undermine your family. Or human.

    The wife deserves some privacy and the media is just awful. Those children deserve some privacy. They are living with enough chaos in their home.
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    Nomad- sorry for usiing an offensive term. It might not matter but normally I would not use that term to describe a female who is being less than perfect- but at least some of these women were porn stars, call girls, etc., so in my mind that does put them in a different category than someone making a bad decision and fooling around or trying to have an affair with a married man, which is still wrong, just maybe not always "bimbo-ish". And FWIW, I do feel differently about him knowing he had numerous ongoing flings for years instead of one person he was faltering with.

    on the other hand, I agree with Fran, too, that who he (or anyone- even elected officials) sleeps with is his business (and those personally involved) but if it doesn't effect his job, I don't care.
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    I don't like women, in general, to be referred to as bimbos either but if a woman knowingly makes a choice to sleep with a married man she is a bimbo in my book; I have no respect for her. It is a choice she made and she is responsible for it. She has hurt the wife, the children, the man she purports to "love" and, if she could only see it, herself. I don't want to hear the drivel about being in love or being misled or whatever. You choose to sleep with a man you know is married, you are a stupid idiot and you deserve whatever you get called.

    And, no, that is not a sexist thing because I find him as much (or more) at fault as the women and I have a few choice names for him too but if I wrote them down I would probably be censored.
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    I think (still processing it though) that cheating on your wife, esp. to this extent, is an indication of a serious problem involving ones thought process. It could speak to character, integrity and honesty. When you marry, you enter a contract with another person. If you break this contract, you are dishonest. Sometimes people make mistakes. Hopefully, they will come clean and something can be worked out...marriage counseling etc. But when the problem is hidden and pervasive like this, it seems to be to be an indication of a very big problem and like I mentioned, many would have a problem with their elected official (think Gov., President, etc.) having potential issues with honesty, integrity, character, etc. I am not saying everyone would relate the two or see the two as correlated, but I do think many would.

    on the other hand, I think far less people associate integrity, honesty and character as important traits with- reference to golfing ability.

    What's most important is a person's ability to do the job they were hired to do, but in the first example, I do think it would make many uncomfortable due to the important nature of the a certain kind of way...we have contracted our gov't officials to work for us and trust them to be honest with us.
  14. Abbey

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    1) I don't care about the situation(s) nor think it's any of my business.

    2) This is an odd perspective, but trust me...I've seen it played out more times than you can count. I've seen a lot in my years of living in Vegas. You would not believe the massive number of people who look like old Joe or Betty next door snorting coke in the bathroom, but they'd never do it in their own home town.

    I see a lot of frequent travelers, men and women both, who come into town for conventions, trade shows, (even weddings:surprise:) ect., and hook up with someone who is not their spouse/partner. I'm a advid people watcher and have radar teacher ears. I hear conversations and watch the story unfold quite easily.

    The worst are those who travel a lot. There is something to be said for temptation. If you're on the road constantly it's VERY difficult to keep that strong connection with your partner. It doesn't mean you don't love them, you're just alone and want companionship.

    With that being said, I also know there are many spouses traveling the world all the time that are completely faithful. I also know there a lot that are not.

    Back to Tiger, or any high profile person who is traveling a lot. They are treated like Gods. I can almost guarantee you he is not going down to some skanky corner bar looking to pick up a hooker. He is treated and expected to go to the newest most sexy night clubs that are in every major city around the world. He is expected to go to the most expensive restaurants around and not by himself. He is expected to stay in the Penthouse suite of the finest hotels and entertain.

    Here's the kicker. Many companies will finance someone to be your 'date' during the evening. My ex's unnamed VERY well known company would do this all the time. They'd host major clients to dinner and drinks and they're be all these pretty young girls around who are not strutting around the office during the day. They're not call girls, although I believe the opportunity is there, just someone pretty to be by your side. Oddly enough, I'd see more of these 'employees' with older women. Here's some 80 year old woman who finally gets to go to Vegas and she ain't doing it alone. She's got some 22 year old gym star next to her at the poker table and dinner.

    Back to temptation. You've got to imagine that after years of this God-like existance that you might make a poor judgement call, or two...or 7. I'm thinking that he really does love his wife and family and it's probably so nice to finally get back home and not have to live/work the media life.

    It is a transgretion, but one that needs to be dealt with by himself and family. Shoot...if my life was put on TV for all the mistakes I've made it would have to be a couple episodes of 3 hour movies.:surprise:

    3) I want to be his girlfriend and get rich.:tongue:

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    I think Nomad your prof is onto something. People are looking for a distraction from their own mess.
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    Where is the thread where I posted my Bucket list?
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    Abbey...I think you are dead on. Now...where do I sign up?

    I also know that you are right about how the people who travel a lot arent always as completely faithful as we might hope them to be. Temptation is out there. The pocket does play a part in where they find the company. Tony has worked out of town for most of the last several years. I dont worry about him too much...maybe 1% because I know his paycheck and I see it. I would know if money was gone. I do know he has roommates and other younger guys that travel with him that do stray. Has Tony ever? He says no and I tend to believe him. I will never know for certain and thats ok for me. I trust him. Now if he was in Vegas and in the penthouse suite and high priced girls were all over him...well...I dont think I could blame him too much...lmao. I would just tell him what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
  18. Abbey

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    I know I found more than a few pieces of 'evidence' that my ex was doing the same. I guess at that point our relationship I just simply didn't care. He traveled 75% of the time usually for a few weeks in a row, home for the weekend, then out to some remote country again. I found notes, nametags of girls when I'd do his wash...I just up and left. Thank God it was not in the media. I can only imagine the damage that would do at any possible reconciliation or your children. I feel for the family.

  19. Nomad

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    I am so sorry,...that had to be very painful.
    I certainly see your point re: the temptation.
    Although it might be more difficult...I do think it is possible and even with-i reason to expect someone who travels a lot to remain faithful.
    Perhaps spouses should go on several of the trips with- them or at least for part of the trip....
    No doubt...there are complications and the temptation is there.
    But a committed relationship is just that involves a committment.
    Just because there are difficulties and/or temptation, does not change things much....
    Just a realization that there are more temptations and perhaps more effort to be made...more work to be done.
    Like you mentioned...others have done it. Perhaps it is a matter of motivation and willingness to put in the extra effort.
    In some cases...they don't see it coming and an error is made. Okay, then what? Make a correction...move forward. It seems to me...that making the same mistake repeatedly is a clear sign of someone not willing to make a comittment and a violation of the marriage contract.
    Again...I'm so sorry. (hugs).
  20. Fran

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    If you think for a minute our elected officials are not dishonest, I would be surprised. We have it set up in such a way that they have to be TV pretty, with full head of hair,perfect teeth, go to church, have a perfect family to be elected. No body is that 2 dimensional. There is always stuff. It's an unrealistic standard. It wasn't too long ago that you couldn't be divorced. Even now, it's not something that will get you points in an election. You couldn't have a kid who was a difficult child. You or your spouse and children can't be heavy. You have to belong to a church. You have to fake a happy marriage even if it's a sham. You have to go to the right schools. Who lives such spotless, teflon lives? They gamble, maybe they drink or someone in the family and on and on. Just because they aren't caught or splashed across the papers doesn't mean they are not presenting the public with a lie of who they are.
    There is no way the country could run without horse trading in the negotiations. I don't believe any country could run without the back room discussions. Someone is always going to lose even if they were promised a win.
    The bottom line is how well do they do the job we elected them to do. It is their spouse and family who should deal with personal issues. I for one would like "the good wife" to state, instead of I'm standing with my spouse. It's none of your d***ed business to be in my marriage and take the whole thing private.

    I agree Nomad, that a sports figure doesn't have to be a person of integrity to be good at his job. Unfortunately for TW, he was a beacon of light to a lot of young kids. So he was thrust onto a pedestal, which he happily did. Now, he fell off for a while. I hope he gets his family back on track and comes back to golf. He is an amazing athlete.

    I am not expert at what businesses do or don't do but I know that as husband is in finance that expenses are scrutinized, especially publicly traded companies. It isn't the executives money but the stock holders. They also sign a code of ethics to the best of my recollection.

    All I know is that if I was dealing with a personal issue, having that sort of public spotlight would never make it better and it humiliates both parties.

    Now the wife here, has had to know for a long time that old TW was out spreading himself around. Since her life has been made public, she is taking legal action. (as opposed to a golf club upside the head) She is a victim of epic proportions but she is forced by the spotlight to do something she may have handled her self with a new set of clubs. : ) ( I don't condone physical violence of any sort by adults. I'm just stating how most of us feel when this angry)

    I would not be so arrogant to say it couldn't happen to me. I have seen this sort of stuff happen around me. Most weren't casual one night stands from what I can tell. They were empty shells of marriages so there came affair, divorce and remarriage. The best any of us can do is try to keep our marriages healthy, just as we try to keep our bodies healthy to prevent disease. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen. We are just trying to put the odds in our favor.

    The discussions are here are interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.