Is this drug paraphanalia?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by minkymom, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. minkymom

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    I know that my son has been smoking pot. We haven't caught him, but he has a positive urine screen. Anyway, I wake up this morning (he had a friend over last night) and found this on the counter:

    It doesn't smell like anything except burnt paper. I am hoping there is not more that I don't know about.

    I need to update my info. Our son is almost 17 now.
  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I'd say yeah, tough to tell without smelling it
  3. gottaloveem

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    It is hard to tell from the photo.

    Is it sticky?

    I'm thinking if it was pot or hash related, there would be a real strong smell. Not just a paper smell.

    Did you ask your son?
  4. compassion

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    Does he smoke cigs? I have found paper tpye stuff that I know was actual cigs: which I donot allow any of that in my house for under 18. My 18 ds smokes a cigar occaisonally Not in house) Compassion
  5. minkymom

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    No, I haven't asked him yet. I am going to, although I know it will be a lie.

    It is just kind of strange. It looks like burnt rolling paper, but I do not smell any weed smell, just burnt paper. It is not sticky or anything.

    I just never know what this kid is up to, so I automatically freak when I see something I don't recognize.
  6. recovering doormat

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    I sympathize. I have a tendency to freak out when I find anything suspicious and assume the worst.

    I'd say if it doesn't have the strong weed smell it might just have been burned paper.
  7. lkool

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    You know your son is using pot. You obviously think there is a chance there might be more. Assume the worst, hope for the best. have your son take a drug test, don't do a urine test, do a hair test.

    I had suspected my son of using drugs for about a year now. We had him tested at the hospital 2 times. He was "clean" both times. Last week he was arrested and the police did brought him to the hospital and he failed the test.

    The hair test will have more history and much more difficult for the Drug User to mask with "urine cleaner"

    If I would have seen before we confirmned that my son was using drugs, this would have

    As it turned out my son tested positive for pot but admitted to the social worker at the hospital that he uses many more drugs. So we are now able to take action. Your son is not getting any younger he needs your help now, in a few years you will not be able to help him.

    Good Luck
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    If he smokes pot from a bowl - sometimes the drug abusers need ashes for the screen to keep the pot from falling in the pipe. Crack heads also use ashes for the same thing - put them in a bowl or stem to keep the crack on top of the screen.

    My best guess.......he needed ashes to use in a bowl.