Is this menopause or

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  1. Nomad

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    Life in the big city? Am I getting "old?"
    Or is this wack job of a city I live in?

    I had run errands this morning for husband. This evening, I promised to go shopping with him. He wants to buy something and I said I would help him. We are going to go get a bite to eat as well. I've been putting this off for awhile. He has been super duper busy of late.We both have been working a lot. I'm also going to school. We are making it a "date night."

    In the mail, I got a coupon for a big discount for microdermabrasion. They send the coupon once a year during your birthday month.

    The only appointment. they had was late. husband is coming home soon to go out. I was worried that I wouldn't get my hair done in time and he has been looking forward to would think it was a super duper event. (Although...truth is...I'm looking forward to it as well...particularly the dinner part).

    So...I stopped by a Super Cuts (kinda of like a discount place) to see if they would blow dry my hair. The price was $35.00. My hair is just shy of shoulder length. I asked how much for a cut and blow. The price was $40.00. I think this is a little high...and I leave. Then I go to the mall...same deal.

    While at the mall, I see a sign that they have a pt job opening. PT jobs are hard to find. I stop to inquire for our daughter. Everything sounds perfect...then they say "you have to speak perfect Spanish in order to get the job." I see partially why daughter is having such difficulty finding a job. She might have to move. I'm feeling tense.

    Then I go to another discount place...and the price was $25.00 to blow dry my hair. Please keep in mind that I pay $35.00 to blow dry my hair at my regular salon...which is a little upscale...but it is hard to get an appointment. So, I said okay.

    The lady does NOT speak any English and is borderline rude to me...but since I think this is a language problem, I am understanding. I speak a little Spanish. All is good. Then all of a sudden she grunts "price is $35.00." THIS WAS AFTER MY HAIR WAS WET and the lady at the front desk quoted $25.00 (which she heard...she was standing next to her).

    I ask a few questions and she says that my hair is "long." I have thick-ish hair and it is slightly layered. It does take a little longer. It took her about 35 minutes to do. I ask her how much they charge for hair down the middle of the back and she says $55.00. I think this is $%#@ LIE at a discount type place. Few would pay it. is the worst part. She put oil on matted it down.. My bangs separated. It looked like you know what. I could hear here muttering in Spanish. THEN I had to pay her the same price as I pay at my nice salon for this blow dry that looks crummy. I will likely have to wash my hair with detergent in a moment to get this stuff out.

    Afterwards, I go for the facial. i thought it would be a nice relaxing thing. NO NO NO. I was in and out in 10 minutes. They called it a "partial" microdermabrasion. Plus I got my eyebrows done. Total cost $75.00.

    Afterwards, I decided to go to TJ favorite was the next store.

    Guess what...three men were running out with a bunch of purses and there was lots of screaming and carrying on. I'm assuming the cops were called. I was so nervous...I couldn't find my keys.

    I'm sitting here with my GREASY (#$$) hair, over $100 less in dinero and seriously anxious. I'm NOT ready for dinner tonight and I'm wondering what the heck went wrong.

    On the positive side, I made appointments to have my hair done for my birthday, mother's day and this summer...I'm planned at my own salon for the next three months. it me? Menopause? Life in the big city? UGH.

    p.s. I have the Dawn Dishwashing detergent out...I'm reading to re-do my hair now.
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    Is it PMS? I wish I had more to offer, but my MD is totally no support about these issues, and my OB/GYN retired to go learn accupuncture in Asia. She's younger than I. Guess those 14 daily Annual Pap Smears pay off...
  3. Nomad

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    No PMS left here. I guess I just expect people to be professional or at least honest...lying, stealing, rushing....yikes.
    Now that I'm a little calmer...
    I called the manager and told her that they are running a dishonest business to give two different prices...especially AFTER your hair is wet and there is not much you can do.
    She said that I should of asked to see the manager.
    I said she was right.
    I told her I was just so shocked and I did try to talk to the person, but she seemed limited in her English and in addition, insisted that I had "long" hair. (It is cut a little above my shoulders).
    She said that I deserve a free blow dry.
    I said tell me when this person has her day or days off and I'll probalby be in.
    She said she couldn't recall who did my hair.
    To myself I said "you are a liar."
    I got her name (The Manager's) ...gave her a false name and said I would consider coming in (fat chance)
    and added that especially in a difficult economy that this was no way to do business that in fact, I was fairly sure what they did was illegal and that in my mind it was very doubtful that it was worth the stress for me to go to her place even for a free blow dry....but I was cordial (it is in my nature). However, I did say it loud and clear with my words.
    Then I washed the front half of my head with DAWN DISHWAHSING detergent...seems folks just ASSUME that my hair needs oil ....why I DON'T KNOW.
    It looks much better now...just a little greasy in the back.
    Generally speaking, the manager was helpful and I think she needed to know about this.
    I am concerned about this blurry a neuro appointment tommorrow...this might be good for me to talk about.
  4. Wiped Out

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    What a horrible day! I would have been furious! I hope dinner tonight is good!
  5. Hound dog

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    I don't think it's menopause. I'm finding the levels of politeness and honesty even in business has dropped dramatically. To counter it, if I get someone who is very professional, kind, and considerate I give them as big a tip as I can afford. If it isn't a tipping situation I am sure to compliment them, or let their boss know what a great employee they have.

    Tonight sister in law and easy child treated me to the mexican restaurant. We only have one in town. The family who owns it is hispanic and some of the nicest people I've ever met. We've been going there since the day it opened way back when they had maybe 1 or 2 other customers than us. They've known Darrin since easy child was pregnant with him. And yes, the owners and usually the employees make a big deal out of this. We've always had excellent service with great conversation (usually catching up on what's been going on), and great food.

    But tonight the waitor we got was imapatient and rude. He got the order wrong twice. easy child was patient because he seemed to have trouble with english. (the owners often sponser those who want to immagrate legally) But when Darrin had to wait an extra 15 mins for chicken nuggets that had been ordered twice she was ticked. sister in law left no tip. And had a chat with the owners on our way out. Having an employee like that is bad for business.

    I hope you and husband's night out turns out to be wonderful.

  6. Abbey

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    Gosh...never knew Super Cuts charged so much.

    I had a parent give me a gift certificate 2 years ago to a very high end salon. I have NEVER visited one. I though...I'm getting the works!!!

    Well, $200 doesn't go too far there.

    What it lead me to was their teaching school. I've been seeing Tyson for 2 years now. I can go in and get a full color, highlight, cut and style for $40. Sad to say that he just graduated. I told him to not go ballistic on me. ;) I need cheap hair!!

  7. susiestar

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    I am sorry. This is not menopause. It is rudeness and bad service.

    When I lived in Cincy we had rudeness at so many places. Even some of the mom and pop places. It made me sad, then angry. I was pretty vocal, and sometimes did get results.

    I am sorry your hair was messed up. I hate it when they insist my hair needs something even when I say no. For me it is usually insisting my hair needs "volumizer" - I look like a mushroom or there is a bush on my head when they do this. I have straight hair that is super thick and coarse. Volumizer makes it so much worse. I have been known to insist they rewash it and style it over if they use the stuff after I say no. Usually they dont' know what to do with me, esp if they have all the appts booked and I won't get up. I have never had a manager override me or charge me extra though. Esp when it is clear that they messed up.

    I hope you have a nice night. Please send an email or letter to the corporate offices. You will at least get an apology.

    Behvior like this is why we quit going to Sam's in Ohio. I worked across the street from the sams at a Barnes and Noble coffee shop. Not only were the employees rude and bigoted at their store, they were horrible when they came to MY store.


  8. Nomad

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    Abbey...Yep, those prices were a huge shock to me!

    Susie...yep, we've talked here about how bad service is becoming more and more common in the US. I was going to a nail place for many years. For some reason, perhaps in an effort to save money, they started to not use the air conditioning most days. AND the nicer employees left and the grouches remained. Even though their prices were really great, I made a decision to leave there. I'm paying more were I am going now, but I am much happier.

    I've had all sorts of problems with hairdressers. Where I'm going now (for the most part...for cut and color) is pretty is just a little expensive. I have had the same exp. as you...they don't want to listen. The last place I went to I said "I don't like a lot of product on my hair." She then proceeded to put two things on my hair. It didin't make sense in my book....she should either not do it or at least speak with me about it, etc. IT is disrespectful. Perhaps folks don't have any social graces. I'm baffled. Anyway, so like you quit going to Sam's, I quit going to this nail place...and I'm not the only one...'cause business is "dead" over there.

    I have several appointments coming up at my expensive hair place...I will pay the price and be happy about it. They are professional counts in my book.

    Anyway, I agree with your stance. If you/we are paying for is correct to speak up. Sometimes I have to 1) learn to speak up 2) always remember to be polite when speaking up. Sometimes I'm so afraid I will be impolite...I just leave unsatisfied.

    by the way...we were NOT able to go to dinner after all. difficult child had a problem and it got cancelled. We are going to try again tonight and of course I will do my own hair.

    DL, Susie...everyone...thank you very much for your helpful really calmed my nerves. (hugs).
  9. wakeupcall

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    People all over the nation are behaving like that now. NO one is proud of their's just slap, slap, you're outta here. RUDE!! Or maybe I've turning into a b****, but now I write the managers, CEO's and anyone else I can think of about their rude and disrespectful employees. We may have to put up with it, but I won't go down without a fight! I hate being so negative, but people like that push me into it
  10. trinityroyal

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    Pamela and Susie are right.

    Standards of behaviour are slipping everywhere and if we just sit back and take it we are complicit in letting it happen.

    As was mentioned on the thread about shock-jocks spewing venom on the radio, in some cases the best motivator is a financial one. If the managers and owners of the businesses realize that they are losing business over bad service from their employees, then they will change it.

    Canadian Tire, a big hardware-and-housewares chain here, used to have terrible service and surly staff. Until Wal-Mart and Home Depot started opening stores in Canada. Then they realized that they had to improve their game or lose all their customers to the big boys across the street. Zellers--our Target equivalent--still hasn't learned this, and their stores are a ghost town these days.

    If enough customers get upset AND tell the company about it, they will improve. Or...they'll go out of business.