Is this weird?

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    My father was born in 1933 and he was 33yo when he died. I always remembered because J (from Christianity) was 33. Exactly 33 years, to the exact day, after I left for active duty in the military, my son died. My son is being laid to rest on Veteran's Day. I don't have a clue how all this comes together but somehow I feel like my life is coming full circle and is a box of pieces to a puzzle. Only problem is, I have no clue how to put that puzzle together.
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    I don't find it weird at all. Life is full of interesting coincidences.

    A good friend was born on 7/1/71 at 1:07 PM. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. In high school he wrestled at 171 lbs and his football # was 71.

    Meghann was born on 10/11/12. She was just over 8 lbs and it was not quite 10 AM (see my signature) - 8,9,10,11,12. My lucky number is 13.

    My BFF's oldest daughter and husband share a birthday; 30 years apart. BFF and his youngest daughter share a birthday.

    My Grandpa was born March 14, 1922 and died March 14, 2003.

    ...Happens more than we want to admit...
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    I always find those shared instances to be reassuring. I know that they seem random coincidences to some - but I think that its a way for God or Fate or Karma or the Benevolence of Life to reach out to us with reassurance. Like the coincidences are a virtual "pat on the hand" or a hug to let us know that -- while it won't make sense to us in our lifetime -- there is something more - a greater purpose. A simpatico

    I hope I don't sound crazy.

    Thinking of you all day and night and sending you many warm thoughts and prayers.
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    Maybe you aren't supposed to be one to put the puzzle together... maybe the pieces are not complete. Know what I mean?? But I do think these sorts of coincidences do lend to the belief that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and we are all interconnected.
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    I'm not at all surprised. I met my husband at university in NY (East Coast). Our French prof introduced us. We were in different classes but had noticed each other. Turned out French prof had known my father at UCLA (West Coast). She was also the best friend of the wife of a close friend of my dad (West Coast). Said wife turned out to be the godmother to my half sister (other continent)! I do believe in Fate.

    TM is right, maybe the pieces to the puzzle will come together without your having to do anything.
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    If my life were a puzzle? It would a a 10'x10' "where's Waldo?" puzzle .....DF would have thrown the box out after the pieces got dumped on the floor, and the dog would have eaten the piece with Waldo on it after I'd spent years putting it together.
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    I think that we are always not privy to why - a "through the mirror darkly" type of thing. I don't disallow the theory of coincidence, but often feel we look for ways, as part of our nature, for things to make sense or fit. But I also believe that we are not supposed to have all the answers and find some comfort in knowing it's ok to not know.

    It's like my favorite analogy - it's like we are looking up from underneath a piece of needlepoint. All we see is a jumble of mismatched threads but from above, there is a beautiful pattern. We are not always supposed to know why and it's vastly comforting to get to a place where you accept that.



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    I've never quite noticed the number thing. If there are patterns in my family.......I've missed it. But then I've never looked for it either. Except that all 3 of my bio kids were born around the same time of day, which even the docs thought was unusual since it was late afternoon. And all my kids were born in months starting with J. Family members also tend to pass away on or very near someone else's birthday.

    The play on numbers could be to cause you to "pay attention" to something, more that maybe than a puzzle to figure out? Perhaps that certain events in our lives were meant to be, certain people are in our lives because it was meant to be. Patterns tend get our attention, whether that pattern is numbers or something else.

    When they cross over our loved ones are still near us, still loving us, worrying about us, watching over us as best they can. As the message Fred told Nichole in a *dream*, one just has to "see with their heart instead of their eyes". easy child found that out the day before yesterday. Fred had been an insisting presence in her dreams the night before, even when she woke and went back to sleep. It caused her a fitful night. She headed off to work that morning unable to shake an uneasy feeling her dad was with her, a feeling so strong she kept turning around and looking into the back seat certain she'd see him there. Then suddenly, this awful feeling hit her and she didn't know why but she slammed on her brakes going 60 plus mph down the highway. A few seconds later ahead of her, a large deer darted across the road, one she didn't see until it was in her headlights. If easy child had not "seen with her heart instead of her eyes" that morning, she would have joined her dad on the other side as she'd have hit that deer at high speed, never seeing it until she plowed into it. There would not have been time to slow down, let alone stop. Fred had gotten easy child's *attention* while she dreamed, so that hopefully she'd *listen* when he needed her to.

    I dunno why I felt compelled to tell you that this morning, but I did.

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    I am a numbers person. I graduated high school during my golden birthday year in 1980. Diva graduated in 2008. When I first saw her graduation tag for the cap, it was flipped to 80 and that is when I figured out that connection. 80 is also my nickname received by people who did not know I would graduate that year.

    easy child was born 7-2 at 10:45 pm and difficult child was born 9-3 at 5:41 am. (Almost opposite)

    I believe number connections help to solidify the importance and remembrance of people and events. I would not remember the times my kids were born without this connection. Number connections build on the significants in our lives. A way of tying things together. Some day that life puzzle will connect the pieces in order but for now, you can use the numbers to claim each piece.
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    My brother joined the military Sept. 27 and was buried in the National Cemetary Sept. 27.
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    The last but one owners of my house in France were a couple called Sophie and Jacob. Another Jacob now lives in the house - and this is an extremely unusual name in France, with a tiny handful of people called it. Some people in the village call my son "Jacob from the house of Jacob." Oh, not supposed to say the name, but perhaps the moderators will let it though this once :)
    Another friend of mine locally lives in a house that was built - ie completed and officially registered - on the exact day, month and year of her birth.
    Coincidence? Evidence of some larger pattern? We cannot know but as has been said, such synchronitous events give us a sense of welcome and belonging to the universe...
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    Jamie graduated boot camp 6/6/2003- 60 years to the day from the date my father graduated from Parris Island. Then 3 years later Keyana was born that same day. Hailie is born on Tony and my anniversary. Mikey and McKenzie are born back to back in September.

    My parents birthdays were March 3 and 4th. My mom died on November 29th and my father died 12/2. He was buried on Pearl Harbor day. Fitting for a vet who served in the south pacific.
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    This is exactly how I feel and believe. Exactly.

    I also believe that our loved ones who pass on continue to exist in another realm and are always with us. They take care of us and become our guardian angels. To me, E* is an angel now who will forever sit on his mother's shoulder, taking care of her until they meet again. I think a lot of coincidences and strange occurances than happen in life are our angels trying to let us know that they are there.

    by the way, my mother died forty-five minutes after her birthday. It was also on Veterans Day.
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    These are all very conforting thoughts and it's neat to read the various stories about coincidences.

    I ask that you review your posts though and please delete my son's name. I've had to re-read mine in the past and do this to so I know how easy it is to mistakenly write a full name instead of just the initial or referring to him as my son and not by name.