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    Tfhe officer that brought difficult child home because they could not find the warrant told him that he would give him a break and IF they find the warrant then he would come pick him up AFTER the Superbowl ( nice guy). So we are on egg shells half expecting him to be picked up later. But now he is expecting to be so he doesn't want to "waste" his time clean his room and doing laundry. He said that when he gets out he will come to pick up his stuff. Oh It is for probation violation -he left the school campus and was unaccountable for several hours. He said he was lost again.
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    I spent this weekend in between the Superbowl game....doing Dudes laundry and throwing away mass amounts of junk and reclaiming my home. I washed Dudes clothes, dryed Dudes clothes, got boxes, folded Dudes clothes, and put his clothes in the boxes. I cleaned his shoes, did the same. His books, papers - same.

    He called today from FL. I said "GUESS WHAT I DID FOR YOU?" I spent my entire day washing, folding, and boxing up your stuff! It's all ready for you to move out!!" He was kinda speechless, then he said "Um....oh.....k....thanks Mom."

    Maybe you should do the same with your son? This morning when I walked through my living room it was like having it back for the first time in MONTHS. It made ME FEEL GOOD. And now? Everything is ready to go.

    When is your son 18? Maybe the sight of his stuff packed in boxes would motivate him too. If nothing else? For however long he's gone? You'd have one clean room. I even found my tweezers, scizzor, tape...omg the stuff of MINE that "I DUNNO" disappeared....amazing!

    Hugs for your hurt.