Isn't it sad when people are surprised by honesty

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Aug 24, 2008.

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    We ordered pizza last night. Wynter answered the door, paid the delivery guy and brought in the food. We had an extra pizza delivered.

    So, I called the store and told them, gave them the order number off the box and the toppings (it was box 2 of 3 of their order). The guy kept going on and on thanking me for being honest...that most people wouldn't have said anything and just kept it. I asked him if he wanted to send the driver back to pick it up and he told me to keep it and they'd make another. Thanking me again - a few more times - for being honest.

    Isn't it sad that doing the right thing is so unexpected?
  2. Hound dog

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    You're right. And it seems to always surprise people.

    We had that happen once with ordered pizza. We were actually delivered the wrong order. I called them back to have them pick it up, and to get ours. (imaging someone else toe tapping wondering where their food was) But the manager had us keep the wrong order too. I got coupons for huge pizza savings for months after that.
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    I don't think they can take back a pizza, risks of health hazards. You're right though, that kind of honesty is a lost art and is a great example for our kids. Good job WG :)
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    I suppose if people weren't grateful, less people would be honest.

    My great-grandparents found a paper bag with over $10,000 in it at a parking lot. They turned it in. It turned out it was the pizza place's money that he'd taken in over several days and he was going to the bank when he left it on the roof of his car. I was in my teens at the time and asked them why they didn't keep it. Now that I'm older, I guess my morals have kicked into overdrive. I understand why they turned it in. I would do the same. That being said, the pizza guy is very lucky that someone else didn't come across it who likely would have kept it.
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    Funny isn't it when we do the right thing and they think we are different than the rest.