isn't that strange..........??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    hi to all,

    so i've lowered her medication's, she was on half of abliify dosage. now today sh'es off officially. she begged me, didn't seem to be assisting that much so i pulled it.

    she's wetting bed again, along with lack of sleep which i figured would return. so no more abilify or cholonidine.

    yet isn't that strange, she wet bed over year and a half ago before medication's. that seemed to help her not. now she's waking up covered in urine again.

    anyone ever have this experience before? also diarrhea alot very bad. contemplating taking her to doctor tonight when i get home from work if her stomach's still off.

    thought that was strange with bed wetting again.


  2. nvts

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    I wish I knew about that stuff as far as weaning her off medications goes. I do have a suggestion though: they have been marketing a type of pull-up for bigger kids with the bedwetting thing. The kids on the commercial look like they're 11 or 12. You can buy them in the pharmacy.

    This is stupid but I'm going to float it out there: when I think of anxiety I think of being all tied up in knots, tense, etc. Maybe since some of the anxiety is leaving maybe that is loosening up her muscles that control the bladder (you know more relaxed, sleeping deeper, etc.).

    It don't know...I just took a stab at it. I'd call the doctor about the runs though. It may be a side effect of the weaning OR she may have caught the "CD SOFT Place To Land Website Virus" that's been spreading through our members! (Get it?!!).


  3. Jena

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    ok that was funny...........LOL.........

    the doctor is ummm..........a waste......he really is. half the time i dont even understand him and he just says well you use your judgement!! can you imagine???

    too funny. can't wait to go to columbia for her evaluatoin wish it was tmrw. getting answers will be such a beautiful thing. they say the bi polar thing is lack fo sleep so let's see if she flies in manic episode. i may have to turn my xanax in for uppers......natural ones ofcourse((just joking)).

    see i laugh at my jokes but no one else does......LOL......
  4. Lostparent

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    have you ever had her tested for siezers?My son had petite mal when he was younger and he would wet the bed whenever he was of medications.Even now the medications for his Tourettes seems to help but he is a good bit older now.He hasn't had an accident in over a year.