Isn't this Just Abuse?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by exhausted, May 1, 2011.

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    It's been two weeks and my daughter is still in DT awaiting a bed at the DBT residential place. I just have to vent!

    So when she was in therapeutic home (which really wasn't therapeutic), there was lack of supervision, poor nutrition (no milk or fresh veggies/fruit), and the "mom" ignored her when she told her she was ill. (We ended up taking her to a clinic at 8:00 pm one night when she called us in tears and pain. She had an ear infection, strep and a sinus infection).Of course judge was angry and removed her and put her in JJS custody.

    Yesterday, after I called medical and supervisor of DT every day since last Wed. they finially took her to our dentist (can you imagine the cost on this after hours emergency). She was in so much pain she had not slept for 2 nights and one of the workers at DT called to say she had been crying for several hours and to demand the supervisor do something. (thank God for one humane worker) Her tooth got cracked by some aggressive kid when she was at the Observation and Assessment place. They filed it and exposed a nerve. One month later it was so infected they did a root canal. The dentist called me and said he could not get to one of the roots so she needs to go to an endodontist ASAP. They wont let me transport her and they just ignore her when she tells them she is sick. They ignored me for 3 days. What happens to kids who don't have parents who are involved? This is just abuse!

    Yep, she is my difficult child but I would not wish that kind of pain on anyone. She knows we love her and take care of her. She told me on Friday visit, as she cried the entire time, "Mom and Dad you would have taken care of this before it got so bad. I have to get my stuff together so I can come home. I can't take it anymore" One silver lining.

    I can't help wondering if we did the right thing or if this is just what has to be done in the system to get your kid cared for. Constant demanding, calling supervisors, writing letters....
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    That's terrible! There has to be someone higher up on the food chain that can push things along and oversee this stuff. State departments, politicians, journalists... people need to see this stuff going on so things get improved. I'm sorry she's in so much pain, I know what that kind of dental pain feels like!
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    Poor thing. Silver lining, indeed!
    You need to stay on it.
    Any other places have openings? This place sounds awful.
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    If you don't have an atty, get one. this is medical neglect and you probably have grounds for a lawsuit. If you had let any of these problems go this long you would have lost custody for medical neglect. I am sorry they are so awful.
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    Thanks for your replies! I called our lawyer yesterday. Today they took her to the endodonist. Also miraculously, a bed came open at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) she was waiting for. She will be moved tomorrow morning. Thank god- I hope this place will be better. We really liked the day treatment and the staff when she was there for 2 months. She'll have the same counselor and treatment staff, just will be in residential instead of going to a proctor home where she can run, or there is neglect. A wait is lited.
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    Hope things today went smoothly and she's feeling better soon, and hope the move to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) goes smoothly and proves helpful.
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    wow im sorry how horrible for you and her and your family. i'm glad you got it solved. i hope she does well in the placement and yes i can imagine who the weight has been lifted. difficult child or not, knowing our kids are hurting etc. is pain for us!