It Did Not Take Long


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Is not didn't take long for my son to get arrested once he was out of the house.....I think for some kids they need to screw up several times before they get that society won't put up with their ways the way we will. So stay strong and hopefully the legal system will push him to get help.


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You are safer now and he has a chance, hopefully, to receive help.

Stay strong and my thoughts and prayers are with you! Who would think, as mothers, that we would wish for jail...but if that is what it takes.


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You must be relieved. I would not be surprised if he did not do it a little bit on purpose. Of all of the choices he could have made, this is not among the worst.

He will learn. He is learning. Good. For now, you will have a little bit of a respite.

Sending a hug.



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How did you find out? Has he been in touch with you? I'm sorry Pasa for the emotional roller coaster you are on. I'm sure they won't hold him though on a shoplifting charge will they
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Pasa, you must feel relieved. What a roller coaster ride you've been on.

He won't be going back to that Juvenile Detention Center again, will he? Is he now 18?

Once it all settles down, can you go somewhere to decompress, relax and do some serious de stressing?

Sending you a big hug.....


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You're doing right by letting him face his consequences. Sorry for what you're going through Pasa.. Have some comfort that he's not on the streets and could hit that much needed "bottom" to start climbing "up". ((hugs))


Roll With It

I am so sorry he was allowed out and now has chosen this for himself. Please know that you did ALL you could and this is not your fault. Regardless of your mistakes as a parent, there is pretty much NOTHING you could do or provide that could have changed this. The infrastructure and support for our kids just isn't there. They need way more than ANY family or parent can provide.

Let him deal with this on his own as much as the law will allow. Only way he will learn.


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I agree with everything already said. Hang in there and hopefully he can get the help he needs. Does your county have mental health court?


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Pas my Difficult Child did the exact same thing at Wally World too. I eventually saw the receipt---$96 worth of chicken wings, bud light lime and an Xbox controller. A little boys toys for one night of fun...his mindset was clearly reflected in what he took.

But I was hungry mom.

Okay. And you wanted to play video games too right???

There is no rhyme or reason pas. I am so thankful he is somewhere...not on the streets...another chance for help...and he is safe and you are safe.

Arggghhhh...this life we lead on this board. So many things are just the same for all of us and there is great comfort in that.

I hope you can have a good day today knowing he is somewhere. Rest and refresh pas and we are here with you.


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He is out of jail and has court date Nov. 5. I do not know if he is back on the streets or at the homeless shelter. I was able to get jail information from Vine. He has not tried to contact me. I do not know if the protective order has anything to do with that.

Coma, I do not know if they have mental health court or not.


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I am so sorry!

This is so hard!

Does Difficult Child have any services available to him as someone with MR/mental health challenges?

Has anything come of the situation with the prior juvenile facility that he was in?

Pasa, remember to stay vigilant, stay safe. Difficult Child may be getting increasingly desperate.

Keep posting.



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There are services that he could take advantage of. He just wants to be free and live his life they way he wants with no rules. There have been sightings around town but he is avoiding making contact with anyone who might try to reign in him in. I have not heard anything from the attorney. Right now my focus is on myself and my safety as well as mu daughters and my mother.


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He just wants to be free and live his life they way he wants with no rules

Sadly, he will have to find out the hard way that there are rules in our society and if he breaks them he will have to suffer the consequences.

In the meantime, you are doing exactly the right thing protecting yourself and your daughter.




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Sometimes, the only way up is to come crashing down hard so they can make it back up and realize of all their wrong doings and take note of it.

All will be fine towards the end, these are just life lessons.