It feels like it couldn't get worse. Unfortunately I Know better

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    Things have gone from bad to worse here. difficult child has not been in school for two weeks now. We are not trying to force him to go because I believe it's a bad environment for him. The last day he went he got two notes passed to him about how no body likes him and wants to be his friend. Just broke my heart. We have recently found a new therapist who is willing to see us for $10 a session because she is almost a clinical psychiatric and needs to build up a practice. She really impresses me. She is the first therapist to tell me that a build up of Cortisol from his hundreds of meltdowns may have impacted his brain negatively. She is sending us to a neurologist and we are working on getting a new psychiatrist. Missed too many appointments at the last one and they through us out. We have been SLOWLY weaning him off of his tenex and Abilify and have seen no significant difference in his anger.

    I am anxious to get him to the new psychiatric and start fresh. He is spending all day on his xbox and not going to bed until very late. It seems all structure has been lost here. He is defying us on everything. OH and we have been visited by CPS because difficult child told the school that he is being abused by his father. I think husband goes too far many times and I do have to intervene. Between trying to control the two of them, I am going out of my mind. I am hoping to get a letter from therapist today so he can get homebound services till the end of the year. If's homeschooling...I have no choice. I try and get him to do a little homework every day but it's minimal and a struggle. Sometimes I don't want to live any more. I don't think I would ever do anything because of my great love for difficult child and not wanting to leave him alone, but I am just so tired of all of this...):
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    What other dxes does he have to go with his Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)/Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)/Aspie diagnosis? What other evaluations have been done?

    If it's "just" ODD and anxiety... I'd be looking for further testing.
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    Wow, things are really rough right now, I'm sorry. I hope homebound will work out.....better option than homeschooling for you I bet.
    With all the screen time it probably adds to the chemical issues, right. So hard to control that when they are obsessed and explosive.
    Does your school district contract with a therapeutic residential program? What did cps say? Can they help source out options for him? Has he done IOP?

    I wish we could make things better for eachother. It has to be so stressful with husband crossing the line. Many hugs, keep yourself safe and if you feel like quitting contact us, me, someone who gets that feeling..... Parenting like this is no joke. It's so intense.

    **holding your hand**
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    I hear you, Stressed!
    If you take away the Xbox and only give it to your difficult child, does he physically assault you? We went through a bit of that but in the end, he DID do the work he was supposed to do. Just wondering how to get around making up school work.
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    I am so sorry you're going through such a hard time. My difficult child 2 is also obsessed with-his 3dDS and watching YouTube clips about DS games. Most of our fights center around that. I want to take the stupid thing and throw it away. I really hope things improve for you.