It has been a very blustery day

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    First, Tigger ran from school. Luckily I got to him before the cops arrived but they insisted on meeting me at home and seeing him. They were nice and professional but the last thing I wanted to deal with when I needed to focus on Tigger. I called my mom and she met us at home so that helped as she was able to take Tigger inside so I could talk to them. Tigger is now CIBS-ed for tomorrow.

    Then, Eeyore comes home in a 100% foul mood and it takes an hour to get the story out of him but two kids at his school had crisis today (1) a boy in hiis sped room kept touching him and swearing at him, he told the sw and it was dealt with (good self-advocacy!!) and a girl told him last night that she wanted to die and then told him today during last period that she cut herself with a broken pen at some point during the day.

    I am trying to get ahold of the school and/or her parents to let them know.

    Is it a full moon tonight????????
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    I don't know about a full moon...but "Happy Windsday!"
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    Eeyore is grounded from his phone but it kept ringing from the same friend so I had him call the boy back in case it was an emergency. The boy's sister goes to the same school as Tigger -- it seems that the school was put on lock-down when he went missing and there was an announcement "Teachers, Tigger is missing, please call the office if you see him".

    Now the rumor is that Tigger hopped the fence and was missing for over 6 hours. Um...the school doesn't have a fence and he was 'missing' for mere minutes....I hadn't told Eeyore that Tigger had left school cause I was dealing with his issues so he was quite surprised when the boy asked him.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Never a dull moment... :crazy2:
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    Never a dull moment in our lives. when is one of us finally going to write a book?? :)

    hoping the night's calmer and tomorrow's easier!!!

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    Sounds like a rough day all around. Nice that Eeyore's friend cared enough to call to see if all was okay with Tigger. what is CIBSed?
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    Rough day friend ... sorry :eek:( I am impressed the Eeyore told you about his friend wanting to kill herself. He could have saved a life today.
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    CIBS= Crisis Intervention Behavior Stabilization

    CIBS takes the place of in-school suspension for Special Education kids. It is a great program when used correctly. Most Special Education kids (especially ones like Tigger) could never sit all day in the office so they have a classroom dedicated to the "CIBS" program and a certified teacher is brought in to work with them. The CIBS room is in Tigger's building and is supervised by his teacher so it is the best possible option. (Like everything, CIBS can be misused but this district uses it correctly/)

    Tig had a great day at CIBS and will be back in the regular room tomorrow. Let's hope he can hold it together all day. (I'm seriously thinking of parking in the far end of the parking lot during his normal 'rough time' so that if he tries to run again, I can catch him before he gets off grounds and avoid any police involvement.)
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    Back to CIBS in the morning...only a half day this time. That makes 2.5 days of the 5 this week.

    Each time is for a different 'crime' maybe we can get through his list of problem behaviors and be done???