It. Is. DONE!!!

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    I feel like I've went thru WWIII. There isn't a spot on my body that isn't throbbing. My legs are horrifically swollen. But moving all that STUFF out of mother in law's house is done......DONE!! :faint:

    OMG! My day started very early with me trying to keep easy child and sister in law from erupting into a major fight over moving the yard sale stuff from my rec room to their basement. (80 percent of it is THEIR stuff) We get that done and it's get to mother in law's to pack up sister in law's trailor with furniture and boxes of stuff to go. (except china and crystal which would be transported via car)

    While sister in law, Travis, and a friend of sister in law's loaded up the trailor.......I wrapped and packed what was left of the glass dishes and all the crystal and china. ME by MYSELF. Neither of the girls offered to help. In Nihcole's defence she didn't know I was doing it. But easy child did know......and had even commented on how worried she is at how swollen my legs are today. Then went and parked her butt in the other room.

    We haul everything except the boxes of china back over to my house and unload it into the rec room we'd just emptied. Then headed for mother in law's apartment at assisted living that had to be emptied as well. Loaded all that onto the trailor ourselves. Back to my house to deposit most of that stuff. Then easy child and sister in law went home. (thank God by now they were making me crazy)

    husband showed up about then after chasing us all over town and never catching us. He growled something about a lamp as he got out of the car and I broke one of my own rules and ripped him a royal one right out there in the alley. By that time I'd had enough of bickering moody kids who basically weren't helping......I didn't need his attitude and wasn't standing for it.

    husband did an abrupt about face. He, Travis and I headed back to mother in law's to pick up the boxes of china........and to pack the last bit of china stored in the dry sink. I told both guys that if they so much as looked at a chair while I was still moving they wouldn't live to walk out the door.:mad: So they hauled boxes out to the car while I packed china again. Then we loaded that up.

    IT IS DONE!!!

    Except for some odds and ends I left there for their convienence to use until they leave saturday.

    husband did more than his fair share of pouting over things I wouldn't let him have. I told him to hoover it up there were other people in the family. One was an ancient (seriously) brass coal bin nephew wanted that. Poor guy it was the only thing he'd asked for.....husband could deal with it. The other was over those darn antique books. OMG!! husband was POed that neice had gone thru them (she wasn't supposed to) and had helped herself to a bunch, then gave some away without asking anyone. And neither son had had a chance to even see them yet. Sister in law had made them pack up the remaining books and take them to the garage to prevent further messing with them.

    easy child's Little Colonel books are missing. This was a special promise between her and her grandmother. easy child has the first 2 books of the series. She was to receive the rest now. They are mysteriously missing along with several husband was to get.

    Frankly, I'm not surprised. Odds are they're in what neice took. She'd helped herself to the alabaster buffalo husband had carved for his mother........sister in law swore it would reappear in that mother tone we all know so well. For someone who wanted basically nothing, that girl was hauling a load of boxes that was unbelievable. Also doesn't surprise me. I expected it from the moment sister in law said she was coming along to help. This neice helped husband's brother to snatch all of husband's inheritance out of the house so husband couldn't have it.

    Do I care about the books? Not really. If sister in law spots those Little Colonel books.......she won't rest until they're in the mail back to easy child. I know that, so I'm not worried. As for the one's husband was to, he'd never have taken care of them anyway.

    It's been a long grueling day spent with people in foul moods with attitudes. Sister in law told neice to help load the tralor at one point. Neice told her she wasn't touching a thing cuz it wasn't her stuff.

    My lower legs are as big around as my thighs. That is NOT a good sign. I don't know why as I didn't really do much loading and unloading. And I let the males do the heavy stuff. I hurt and throb. I can barely walk across the floor. Nichole was a darling and made supper.

    Tomorrow I'm not moving a muscle. Not one. For anyone. Packing for the weekend will have to wait until friday. I'm hoping the swelling will be gone by then.

    But it is DONE. Thank God!!!:faint::faint:
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    I'll make sure my trunk is cleaned out so we can throw our bags in there on Saturday. Then, if your legs are still swollen, you can recline in the backseat with your legs propped up and call me Jeeves.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    :D Stang I'm planning to keep my legs propped up all day tomorrow. They should be back to normal by friday.......I hope. I'm really not sure why they are swollen. Which reminds me I've got to show husband last last map you pmed me, but I'm thinking that is fine as long as he knows where he's headedl. lol

    I "almost" feel sorry for him. He'll be spending 6 hours on the road both sat and sun just so I can go. Notice I said "almost". lol easy child started to volunteer to come get me sunday......then nixed it decided it served her Dad right after what he did to mess it all up in the first place.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I have some of those support hose -

    want me to send them to you?

    You can go wait by your mail box.....:tongue:

    But seriously - I have a pair - and I will send them - they really help. They're white with the toes cut out - and you wear them at night and they help with circulation. Having husband rub your legs will help too. :smug:

    Or you can go wait by your mail box...:D
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    Hey Lisa...if you have any extra kitchen stuff, I know of an extra kitchen that could use You could kind of say it would still be in the family of sorts. It would be your board nephew...lmao.
  6. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Janet if I can get to the boxes of kitchen stuff I will gladly go thru it and seperate duplicates I find.........I'm tired right now, but I do think there were duplicates of many things.....some had more than duplicates. The duplicated stuff might be junk, might not......after a while I stopped looking close and just threw it into a box. lol I swear her kitchen stuff could not have been for just one household, most especially utensils. But I do know she had some (not alot) of rubbermaid dishes/glasses/mugs that no one here is interested in. It's what sister in law is using right now till they leave. I can put those (at the very least) into a small box and bring it with me to Cleveland. :)

    sister in law is going to get blasted next time I speak with him. He placed 2 very expensive loveseats on top of each other in the rec room. These loveseats look like they just came out of the store. grrrrr Guess I should be grateful all of the antique tables came thru the move without harm. But still when he does that sort of thing it ticks me off.

    And now my computer has suddenly decided it doesn't like my sims game........which is putting me in a foul mood. ugh

    Star good idea..........actually, I think mother in law has some of I may have to hunt thru some boxes in a few to find them. Good idea. :)
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    Lisa... you've been going non-stop for awhile now. Watch your kidneys.
  8. timer lady

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    I have the same circulation stockings ~ will have to wear them on the trip to Cleveland & back. It really helps.

    Keep those legs elevated.