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    I have 2 difficult child's. easy child went into to see psychiatrist the other day, and psychiatrist thinks she is dealing with depression, anxiety and probably has attentional issues. She started her on zoloft and trazodone to sleep, will see how she is in a month (hopefully she does well on the zoloft) and then maybe start concerta.

    It sure explains a lot of difficult child dtr's irritability and sleep problems. I am a bit concerned as zoloft is an ssri, and hope that does not cause a problem, but I trust psychiatrist and she could be right on track. Who in my house does not deal with anxiety and depression? So we will see. psychiatrist started her on 50mg of trazodone and I could barely wake the poor girl up yesterday, so last night we cut the pills in half and she took 25.

    And of course difficult child son has decided to act up, he was kicking my car seat so hard on the way to school yesterday that it was hard to drive. He is most often like this in the morning, and I am really at a loss as to what to do to handle it. He is so horrible in the morning, but I am seeing it spill over into the afternoon. His mood has been really labile going on a week or so now, so I think it is more than having a bad day. Guess I will have to call psychiatrist today
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    I am so sorry. Hopefully the medicine will work well for her. At least you have some idea what possible side effects may look like? (yeah, real comforting, isn't it? :meh:)

    It is very dangerous to drive while difficult child is kicking your seat. Could you pull over and call 911 to have an officer come and speak to him? I am worried that someone will end up hurt in an accident, either your family or someone else on or near the road. You may want to first have an officer come out to speak to him at home to address these issues and the possible consequences if he does it again, esp if an accident occurs then. Most police departments and/or highway patrol departments are quite happy to do this.

    A logical consequence is to refuse to take difficult child anywhere other than school, doctor/therapist appts and anything you need to accomplish like errands. Refuse to allow him to go anywhere else for a period of time until he can be safe in the car. I mention errands because it may be difficult to leave him home alone if another adult isn't there.

    Just make sure you have your license, registration and insurance info easily accessible - maybe even find the reg and ins papers and to keep them in an envelope or section of your purse so you don't have to go fishing. IF you plan to call 911 when/if he kicks the seat or acts out in a violent manner in a vehicld, do NOT warn him that if he doesn't stop you will call the police. Let it be a surprise. Just make sure the doors are locked if possible (many rear doors have child locks you can activate by moving a lever on the door panel where the door meets the car (side near the handle). It would mean he could not open a rear door from the inside.

    Fingers crossed that the medications help easy child with no or few side effects/problems.
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    For difficult child son for kicking your is annoying, right? So, walk in front of the TV while he is watching it a few times. When he tells you it is annoying him, say - you mean like you kicking my seat while I am driving? Every time you do that, I will do this in front of the TV whenever you are watching it.

    It can't hurt to try it.
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    I could try the walking in front of the TV thing, but it would probably do no good. He doesn't have a clear recollection of yesterday morning, probably because he was so mad. I might try it though, and see if he makes the connection.

    As for the not taking him anywhere?? I don't. He really only goes to school and appts, and I do not even take him with me for errands, he does ok alone so I just do not want to deal with him.

    I am hoping difficult child dtr does well on the zoloft, the 50mg of trazodone the night before last was too much, we tried 25mg last night and I only saw her a few moments before I had to leave to take husband to get his nerve ablations, so I will check with her and see how last night was.
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    When's the last time difficult child's Lamictal was adjusted? I ask because I was seeing a LOT of irritability at the end of the day with my difficult child 1, and thinking that perhaps his Remeron needed bumping, but in fact, the psychiatrist said increasing his MS was actually what he needed. So we increased his morning Tegretol (he takes it 2x per day) and the evening irritability got a lot better.

    I'm sorry that easy child has morphed into a difficult child. But you're probably not all that surprised. I find myself feeling guarded about my own easy child for the same reasons -- everyone else in our family has issues, so why wouldn't she? So far, she's managing o.k. on her own, but I won't be shocked if she gets to a rough patch in her life and ends up needing supports.
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    I am so sorry. Best of luck with-the medications. Fingers crossed.

    I HATE it when they kick the seat like that! My pediatrician therapist suggested that I get difficult child out of the car, and have him kick the seat over and over until he gets tired of it. At first, it's fun, and then it gets old. That's when you have to say, "You're not finished yet. Get back to kicking."

    Then, the next time you drive and he kicks the seat, you pull over and open his door and say, "Okay, start kicking." For me, it worked immediately.

    I hope this works for you.
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    Star* call 911

    I SEND YOU BEACOUP HUGS.....and a set of hobbles - legal in all states.
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    Star....u reminded me. I already have hobbles.....husband used to shoe horses!:devil:
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    CM-Sorry easy child is really a difficult child. I know how that feels with my own easy child/difficult child. I hope the medications help. I hate when difficult children act up in the car-definitely not safe. Of the 6 times my difficult child has been hospitalized 3 of them happened due to behaviors in the car.
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    i'm sorry i'm so late to this. it's hard to hear those words when it comes to our pcs yet try to take it in stride not easy i know. alot is situational i'm sure. it isn't easy living with our difficult child's and takes it toll on all of us.

    my easy child now difficult child just started zoloft 2 weeks ago she was doing well yet now we're titrating up because she started acting up again. we're starting therapy next week on tuesday so she can work out her junk and jealousy over difficult child and whatever other issues she has bagged for years and years. are you doing therapy with her also? its not an easy life. i'm sure she'll be fine. your a great mom for taking her.


    like to hear how she does on zoloft. my easy child got naseous and appetite diminished first two weeks it seems to be lifting now. good luck!!!