It is SO like having a toddler again

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    Since she has been home again, I have laid down my rules and their simple consequences.
    - Doors are locked at 10pm. If you are in the house, you are in the house for the night. If she chooses to leave in the middle of the night, she will classified as a runaway and a report will be filed. This would result in a sanction on her probation.
    - If she is not in the house by 10pm, she is stuck out of it until the morning.
    - She will be drug tested weekly. She has been testing clean, but if she does test dirty, she goes straight to the treatment center (I am hoping to have the judge back me on this one).
    - There will be no disrepect towards anyone in this home. Any yelling or cussing at anyone will be a phone call to the police to report unruly child. Another sanction on her probation.
    - NO ONE is allowed in our home. If one of us should come home and there is some one here, they will be treated as an intruder and the consequences will be as such.

    Now, I also told her that while she is not working, and not in college yet, I fully expect her to contribute to this house in some way - even if it is just keeping her room and bathrom clean. THIS is the part I am having problems with! Sure, she picked up her room a little. But not fully. I know my kids are ADHD, so I figured I would write a list of what needed to be done so she could check it off. I went up to her room this morning and it still had not been done. So I woke her and told her she has slept enough, time to finish. I think she finally finished - at least it sounds like she is moving but boy oh boy!!! I feel like I have a toddler here that I have to keep on and keep on to get things finished. Ugh.
    The good news is that she is not putting up as much of a fight as she normally would. Certain triggers have not set her off as much. Hopefully this only gets better now that she is back on medications and they are NON-NEGOTIABLE. I remind her that SHE wanted to come back home. We love her and allowed her to come back but she MUST abide by our rules in our home - which I don't think is many...?
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    Great job Mom ! Kudos to you for laying down the law ! I wish you all well !:D
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    She is supposed to clean the bathroom today and what is she doing? Laying in bed. I have had to repeat myself a thousand times already for her to GET UP. I have not lost my cool yet but I am about to BLOW!!!!!! There is NO WAY this girl is going to just sleep all day every day. That is what she did yesterday because no one was home to make her get up. What in the world do I do with this lazy kid????
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    YES - finally done after letting her know if she wanted to sleep her life away, she could have done that at Nana's house with out the nagging! :D