It made a difference when HE looked at the receipt, LOL!

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    husband has been on lexapro for a couple of years. when our ins went up for rx's a year ago I asked him to ask the doctor if there was a less expensive alternative. He takes it for anxiety and depression, but the family practice doctor rx's it - she is great and knows when to refer you on.

    Until this last refill husband would have nothing to do with the mail order pharmacy stuff. Would not open a box even if his medications were in there and he was a week late on them. THIS time he opened the box. And hit the roof because his lexapro was so expensive!

    He rarely yells even near me. Used to be I would have torn his head off simply because I am a much better yeller. He yelled, but it was more out of being shocked, kind of an "AAAH!" and then he asked me why it was so expensive. I told him that it was the price of the medications.

    So yesterday husband had to have a punch biopsy of a potential skin cancer on his shoulder. In talking with the doctor after it was done he reminded her we needed a 3 mo rx for his blood pressure medication. Having misplaced one lexapro scrip and sent in an older one, I asked for another - and told her that it was my mistake.

    As she gets ready to write it, husband asks if there is another choice! For such a long time he insisted that I not ask, that he wasn't going to change. All of a sudden, there it was!

    She is a great doctor, gave him a medication on the $4 list at walmart!!! that is less than 10% of what lexapro is!!!

    She fully expects the skin thingy to be no big deal. If it IS a problem it will be easy to cut out - she will even be able to do it in the office. More likely is that it is nothing to worry about and they will freeze it off so it stays that way.

    It sure is worth it to check that $4 list against your own medication list. We even have one groc store with $3 medications, most of the same medications as the $4 list! So look around if you can.
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Three cheers for DHs who pull their head out of their shell every now and then :winks: I think that's a sign his medications are working!
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    :) yes, it is WORTH IT!!!

    The "Lexapro" I was on was actually Celexa - citalopram - there is currently no generic for Lexapro itself. And my Zoloft? Is generic... sertraline. Wellbutrin = bupropion, Seroquel = quetiapine, Paxil = Paroxetine Hydrochloride, Prozac = fluoxetine, Elavil = Amitriptyline. I could go on and on and on but I won't. Generics, if available and useful, are SO MUCH CHEAPER.

    My prenatal vitamins? Are a bit more expensive - $7.89/month. However the same stuff OTC is $14.99 for 32. Think I'll keep with the prescription ones... Jett's Zyrtec (ceterizine) is $24.99 brand, $15.88 generic and $4 by prescription. HMM. Glad I checked THAT one out!

    Also, Walgreens has a cool thing going - many (not all) new prescriptions - first month is FREE. Discovered that with the original 10mg citalopram, then again when it was changed to 20mg, and again on the sertraline. The prenatals, Clomid and doxycycline aren't. Probably has something to do with insurance!!! LOL
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    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member interesting about the Zyrtec being 4 bucks.

    I went to get zyrtec filled and they wanted to charge me like the 24.99 for it in prescription because I have insurance but insurance wont cover it because it is available over the counter! Yeah...I know. I have medicare/medicaid. But wouldnt one think that they would have offered to let me pay for it as a prescription?
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    Huh... How weird... We got it when the kids were on Medicaid... At Wal Mart... For $4.

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    In general, insurance cos won't cover medications that're available OTC. That's been a policy for many years.
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    Hmmmmmmm how weird.... Maybe we lucked out???