It may really be who you know

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    husband has had little luck getting a job in the last 2 years. He has let a lot of his friends know, but so far, nothing.

    There is a local chain of restaurants that started back when husband was in college. It was just a bar back then, next to the place I worked at all through high school. husband was one of the early regulars, and the owner and his buddies (who still work with or for him in one way or another) were all friends of husband's. husband was joking with one of them about needing a job. Wed evening husband was working at a college basketball game (he works at most of the sporting events) the guy he was joking with asked if he was serious about the job. Then asked what he could do - and not only remembers how great husband was way back when, but also how great he still is with people. This man is not the owner of the chain, but has his own graphic arts business that started because this guy created the logo for the business and now they have an entire clothing line based on this man's art. So he is going to talk with the other guys and see where they can fit husband into the fold.

    This is awesome. These people hire for life, not for now or until you earn too much $ and can be replaced with min wage workers. They are amazing to their employees as long as the employees are good to them. They are totally family friendly and it would be an awesome opportunity for husband. Realistically a job working with this company is our state's equivalent to a job with Disney.

    If you could please keep us in your thoughts so that husband could get a job with them, it would be so appreciated. husband feels so frustrated that he can't get full time work and this is the kind of job he didn't even bother to dream about because jobs with these people and their companies are so desirable that it is super hard to even get an interview.

    Thanks. maybe it really is who you know. It sure isn't how well you can do the job or how much you want it or how great you would be for the company. Not here at least.
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    Wishing him much good luck! I definitely think it's who you know many times. And a lot of people are surviving the economy pitfalls the past few years by taking work outside their typical profession and/or becoming creative with how to use their talents and skills. I don't know- life doesn't always go as planned but maybe this could lead to something even better for your husband than he would have thought!

    Susie- what was the final determination from J's last testing? The long EEG, I think it was.
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    Yes, it is quite often who you know, and all about networking. Way To Go! Fingers crossed for husband!!!!!!
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    I'm convinced it's who you know and that's why networking is so important. This is awesome. I will cross all body parts and send good thoughts.

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    Body parts are crossed, thinking positive thoughts, and saying prayers.
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    Who you know can make a huge difference in a job search. Employers are skittish and VERY risk averse. They often don't want to hire the most talented person because they will either cost too much or they might leave when the economy improves and a better offer comes along (not saying it's true, just how the HR screening process often works).

    In the case of this employer, they're already familiar with your husband's skills and talents. He's a good fit, and a known commodity. A perfect recipe for getting hired. Sending many good thoughts that this opportunity comes through. It sounds like a great one.

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    I'll be sending major positive energy and vibes. I too believe often who you know can lead to opportunities that one wouldn't think of normally. Can't wait for an update on this!

    We have been so grateful for S/O's new position. He too will likely retire there if possible. He is treated well, paid well and it's a great work environment. It was sheer luck and timing that he turned up cold calling with a resume that day and it's well paid off for him. His morale is so improved now after such a long period unemployed.

    Tell your husband we wish him good luck
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    Thanks. We are still waiting to hear from the neuro if he will at least treat J's migraines and if he will treat the absence seizures. None were caught on the EEG, the one thing that might have shown something (the leg spasms) happened during the night that one of the leads was off - and apparently they lost about 30 HOURS because no one in the EEG dept checked on it (they can monitor from their office with-o coming to to the room) and everything that showed up was clouded by muscle movements because the leads were not on. The medications she was on were already workign on the absence seizures before we got there, but they wouldn't stop them for the test (I objected, but no one listened who had the power to change it, grrr).

    I probably won't know more about her until next week, but am taking her to the primary care doctor for a referral to a rheumatologist. If it isn't neuro, and the psychiatrist says it isn't psychiatric, then we check the next thing which is arthritis or auto-immune system problems. Hopefully the migraines are enough reason to keep her on the neurontin. It is the first medication to do anything to prevent migraines for her (we have tried 4 others but they didn't work well and side effects were problematic). So after we see the doctor about the referral I will post more.
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    Fingers crossed. DDD
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    Sending all the positive juju I can muster up! Fingers crossed!