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    husband's company gives awards for things through a separate company. This company handles sending gift cards or merchandise that the employee chooses. It is a nice thing in theory.

    In practice the gift items are overpriced (at least I can find them at far cheaper prices) and it can be very difficult to get gift cards or certificates for places you would want things from. They seem to be perpetually out of certificates for places that would appeal to most people. and if they put you on a waiting list it is a manual one - and they get lost quite often.

    I have been trying to get these redeemed since before Halloween. This is our Christmas $$ for the kids. Or so we planned.

    I keep being told 7-10 days. Well, today I got really really frustrated.

    I talked to a manager who told me he couldn't check the waiting list because "it would take too long" and then he told me I "couldn't have" the name of the President and CEO. Not that he was not allowed to give me the phone # (which I would understand) but that I was not ALLOWED to have even the CEO's NAME.

    Once I calmed down, I looked up the company on Hoovers and a couple of other databases online. Then I called the general phone # for the company (not the 800 one) and got a receptionist. I asked for the pres' office and SHE TRANSFERRED ME TO HIS PERSONAL ASSISTANT!!!

    The PA first wanted to know who I was and how I got her line. Once we established I was a customer, then she was fine. I even said I know the amt of husband's gift is small potatoes to them. She said the amt didn't matter - but husband and I DID. She told me she would call me back and see WHY they couldn't send me the ecertificates.

    She called me back in less than 10 mins - and said the dir of fulfillment will be calling me. Also said not to hesitate to call if I don't hear from someone with certificates TODAY.

    So it looks like husband & I might get to Xmas shop for the kids!!! We really thought we were not going to get to.

    So when the lower level people say No, and you know they should be saying yes, CALL THE TOP !!

    Even if I have to wait another day or two, I feel MUCH better about this. So will husband!

    Instant Update: Less than 10 mins after the PA returned my call the very same mgr I spoke to this am called me. Yes, that is correct. The one who told me I could not have the name of the Pres called me.

    They are OVERNIGHTING the physical giftcard for the amount to us!! Usually shipping their cards takes 2 WEEKS to get them - and that is with overnight service!! He said to expect them TOMORROW!!!!

    I am thrilled! And it was CLEAR this mgr had been "spoken to".
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    :bravo:Good work! I cannot believe he wouldn't give you the name...I bet he felt like a real dufus when he had to call you back! Hahaha
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    W-T-G, Susie!!!! You go!
    I just hate it when lower level mgrs think they are "protecting" the top brass, when in reality, they are merely being lazy, and making the company look bad. As he soon discovered.
    Have fun shopping!