It really is a small world afterall

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    In mostly 11 years of having difficult child in counseling, I only fired one. J was a really nice guy, was realistic with difficult child but was also very easily taken in by difficult child and was, after awhile, completely buffaloed. That was, I'd say, at least 5 years ago. (Plus he was also some darn good eye candy for me)

    Fast forward to today. I went to a family reunion where 80% of the people are ones that I either don't know, or don't know well. But, it's fun, it's a great location and the food is always awesome! LOL Anyhoo, I"m sitting with some of the 20% that I do know, and I"m looking over the sign in list that we use to see who attended and who needs to update their address. Then I see a familiar name and start looking around. Sure enough, there sits J. Seems that he married into the family.....his wife is cousin...or is it third? Her father and my mother are first whatever that works out to.

    I went over and chatted and only had a small "I told you so" running around my head when he found out where difficult child is currently.
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    Well, I guess it's better than realizing your husband is a relative, hmm?