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    difficult child has been out of control today also. Today is bad, he is bossy and demanding, had a melt down when he did not understand what I was saying about his homework, went to his room punching the hall on the way. He is chewing on his shirt and grabbing the collar and pulling it away from his neck. He started the new medications Thursday, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and today were bad. Today and Friday were intolerable. I can't do this anymore. I just e-mailed psychiatrist and told him we were backing down to 10mg of daytrana tommorrow for a few days and described the symptoms. difficult child just started therapy and we were supposed to be working on reminding him to calm himself when he gets wound up, well that is not working. He gets wound up and I have been sending him out to play tetherball. It seems to help him calm down.

    I think he may need something else medwise but what? I hate to go to an ap as husband had such bad reactions to them, and according to his psychiatrist they have found links between medications in 1st generations, such as parent and child. husband and difficult child are so similiar symptom wise.

    I hope reducing the stimulant back works, I get to be a chaperone on difficult child's field trip on Thursday and difficult child is in my group!!! Oh, I hope it works.
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    Let's hope something works soon! Sorry for your frustration (and difficult child's too; he can't be happy with himself acting like this!)
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    Ohh, that's hard.
    It does sound good, though, that you may be able to get clues comparing husband and difficult child. I've got my fingers crossed.